Signs your denture needs replacing

9 Signs your denture needs replacing

When you decided to get dentures, you made a considerable investment in your health, wellbeing, and appearance. It’s simply good sense to maintain and care for this financial and very personal investment. But nothing lasts forever, so how do you know when it’s time to replace your denture? In this guide, you will discover the top 9 signs your denture needs replacing. Dentures are not a ‘fit and forget’ device.  Your […]

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dental nurse tending to immediate denture

Why doesn’t my denture fit after having dental work done?

What you don’t know can hurt you  After having dental work done, some patients lament ‘my denture doesn’t fit as it did before’. This is a timely reminder to be aware that any changes made in your mouth by your dentist will impact on your dentures.  If you’re thinking of having major dental work done, ideally it’s better to do so before having your denture made. This is because it’s far easier to get an optimal, final fit. Impressions taken of your […]

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Oh no! Can my denture be repaired?

Can dentures be repaired?

‘Can dentures be repaired’ is usually the first thing you want to know when you break your denture. The good news is – in most cases – yes, your denture can be repaired! The next question on your lips is probably: ‘how fast can my denture be fixed? ‘Well again, in most cases, if the […]

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girl feeling normal with dentures

Will My Dentures Ever Feel ‘Normal’?

Recent posts on social media indicate how some people wonder if their dentures will ever feel normal. It seems as we age, acceptance for changes to our physical well-being shift. While we hope to be well and keep all our natural ‘bits’ into our latter years, realistically we know that won’t always be the case. […]

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sleeping with dentures

Can I Sleep With My Dentures In?

Just think of it. You’ve met the love of your life and you’re contemplating spending a night together. Only one problem: what to do about your dentures? You may be under the impression that you must remove your dentures to clean and then air dry them. Or perhaps you’ve been told you need to soak […]

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