How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Item NumberDenture TypeCost
711/712Full Upper OR Lower Denture$1000 - $1300
719Full Upper and Lower Denture Set$1900 - $2500
Implant Retained DentureIndividualized quote
721/722Partial Acrylic Denture$650 (from)
721/722ThermoSens Flexible Denture$1050 (from)
722/722Ezifit Denture$1050 (from)
727/728Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture$1150 (from)
743/744Denture Reline$300 - $350
764Denture Repair$100 (from)

*Prices are subject to change.

The Dentures Cost Guide price range shown above is dependent on the complexity of your treatment, materials used, the number of teeth to be extracted (if any) and the number of teeth on the denture.  For a comprehensive quote, please contact the clinic to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.

FREE 30-minute consultation and quote

Yes! we offer FREE 30-minute consultations during which we will give you a full assessment, discuss your options and give quotes.

Dentist Tweed Heads Fees vs Dental Prosthetist Fees

Cutting out the middleman

Dentists are respected members of the healthcare community who perform a vital role in caring for our dental health. Also known as dental surgeons, they focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions and diseases of the teeth and gums.  However, dentists do not make dentures.  They send the patients’ impression molds to a dental laboratory for the design and manufacture of the denture.  Dentists charge fees for their own time and on charge the dentures with a markup cost to the patient.

Dental prosthetists differ from dentists. A dental prosthetist is a dental practitioner who has completed eight years of study and field practice to become firstly a dental technician, and finally, a dental prosthetist who is registered to consult with patients directly. Dental prosthetists take the impressions, design the denture and manufacture it from start to finish.  As a result, the cost of dentures is considerably reduced as all the work is done in-house.

Calming your budget concerns

Budgets are increasingly stretched to the limit in these tough economic times. Whether as a pensioner or a retiree on a fixed income, we understand you want– indeed, you must have the best deals, especially for essential items like dentures. Who wouldn’t miss biting into an apple or relishing a good steak? Is your current denture old and ill-fitting, preventing you from enjoying one of life’s great pleasures?denture price guide

Now, just imagine if a tight budget didn’t have to mean sacrificing quality for price.

Why can’t you have good quality dentures AND at a reasonable price?

Well, the good news is, you can!

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, your Tweed Heads denture clinic, is committed to giving you quality dentures at an affordable price.

The importance of local manufacture

While there is a trend toward sending denture manufacture off-shore where less stringent safety regulations may apply, our Tweed Heads denture clinic takes no such risky short-cuts.

You can be assured we make all dentures on-site in our state of the art laboratory using the highest quality materials. We use German-made Vitapan teeth for example, which are considered the best available. And further, we are regulated by Australian standards which are there to protect you.

In fact, we control the whole denture making process, from resourcing the best and safest products to expert overseeing of the manufacture and fit of your dentures to ensure your peace of mind.

We stand by our work

As a proud and long-standing part of your Tweed Coast community, we offer a satisfaction guarantee – our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

For your added convenience

  • Our Hi-caps facility means there is no waiting for your health fund rebate– you can get your rebate on the spot and be out of pocket for just the gap.
  • We are registered Department of Veterans Affairs health providers.
  • We are a contracted health provider to Tweed Hospital to manufacture and fit dentures for patients under the National Partnership Agreement on Adult Public Dental Services.


Finally have the smile you deserve with handcrafted, quality dentures

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