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A denture reline is a restoration of the fitting surface between your denture and mouth tissue. It’s an effective way to improve the fit and extend the life of your dentures. Denture relines are a normal part of denture care. They improve stability and seal off space between your mouth and the denture from food particles. In the case of the upper denture, a reline can also improve suction.

Our bodies are in a constant state of flux and our mouths are no different.

Mouth tissues and the bony structure that supports them can be affected by weight change, ageing, normal wear, and even our health status. When this happens, our dentures need adjustments, or a reline, to compensate and restore their efficacy.

Why do I need a denture reline?

We all want dentures we can forget about. This means being able to enjoy your food and maintain your appearance without thinking about it. But it all depends on how well your dentures fit. This is why relining your denture every two years is so important.

How do I know when to get a denture reline?

It’s time for a reline when your denture feels loose in your mouth. You may notice food particles becoming lodged between your denture and gums or palate. And you may have difficulty chewing; or laughing may cause you to feel your denture is dislodging.

What type of denture reline do I need?

The professional team at our Tweed Heads denture clinic are happy to advise on which of three types of denture reline is best for your needs.

The Hard Denture Reline

We recommend a hard denture reline every two years for those with a full denture. This will maintain fit and avoid the need for a complete new refit before it’s necessary. Our technicians reline your denture with a pliable material and place it in your mouth to create an impression. This impression determines where adjustments are needed. The pliable material is then replaced with acrylic, giving a durable and closer fit.

The Soft Denture Reline

We recommend a soft denture reline if your gums are tender or sensitive. Sensitivities can lead to sore spots and discomfort when eating. The soft reline is a perfect way to give your mouth and gums time to heal and adjust to wearing dentures. Your dental prosthetist applies a soft waxy or rubbery material lasting up to a couple of years to cushion your gums.

The Temporary Denture Reline

If your gums have become sore and inflamed over time, Dr Paul will recommend a temporary denture reline. Neglecting to have regular denture relines can often be the cause of this deterioration. Your dental prosthetist relines the denture with a medicated material as a temporary measure until the gums have healed. Then, either a hard reline can be applied, or new dentures can be made. Because the temporary reline is not heat cured like hard relines, they can become discoloured or porous, harbouring bacteria and leading to problems like halitosis or bad breath. The expense and inconvenience of temporary denture relines can be avoided by regular maintenance of your dentures.

While denture relines have a place in extending the life and comfort of your dentures, dentures do not last forever. They must eventually be replaced. When the teeth become worn and aging effect of over-closure (loss of space between the nose and the upper lip) develops, it’s time for new dentures.

How long will a reline take?

This depends on the kind of reline recommended for you.

A temporary reline for your dentures requires approximately thirty minutes in the chair. A soft or hard reline for your dentures will take about six hours spread between two appointments over the course of one day. Firstly, our prosthetist will see you for an early morning appointment to take impressions. Finally, we will reserve an afternoon appointment around 3:30-4:00pm, to refit the denture. Pre-booking is essential for the soft and hard denture relines.

What is the process for a denture reline?

We will schedule an early morning appointment to take an impression of your mouth. Your denture can then be relined over the course of the day. We will reserve an afternoon appointment around 3:30-4:00pm for you to refit your denture. This ensures minimum inconvenience of being without your denture.

Interest free denture payment plans

You shouldn’t have to put off getting new dentures because of budget constraints. That’s why we offer a range of flexible payment options to give you back your smile.

More Information

Why choose Northern Rivers Denture Clinic to reline your denture?

Our Tweed Heads denture clinic has been providing denture care to the southern Gold Coast and Tweed Coast area for over thirty years.  Our qualified professionals manufacture and complete denture work in our onsite laboratory, ensuring rapid turnaround time.  We only use high-quality materials certified safe by Australian standards. We do not charge for adjustments which our experienced professionals perform in our state of the art laboratory.

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