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We will fix your denture within hours

Can my denture be repaired?

Emergency denture repairs

Needing emergency denture repairs can be very stressful. Understandably, the first thing you want to know when you’ve broken your denture is if it can be fixed; and secondly, how quickly the repair can be done. Understandably, when an accident of this kind occurs it’s a personal emergency and you want it rectified yesterday, or at least as quickly as possible.

Rest assured we sympathise with the nature of your dilemma and we will make your emergency denture repair our priority.

Just bring your damaged denture into the clinic – no appointment necessary. We will examine your denture, advise if it is repairable, the nature of your repair and how much it will cost – obligation-free.

Same day service for simple denture repairs

We can generally fix your denture within one day. In fact, depending on the nature of the damage, you could have your denture restored within a 4 hour period (weekdays).

Is there a denture repair service near me?

We take care of emergency denture repairs for Gold Coast and Northern Rivers patients, including those in Tweed Heads. Call us or drop in. We are happy to answer your questions.

Denture repair cost

Depending on the damage to your denture, the cost of repair begins at $100. If a replacement prosthetic tooth or replacement clasp is needed, additional costs would be incurred. Similarly, additional cost would apply if more time to remove superglue was required, or an impression of the mouth for some partial repairs was indicated.

Item NumberDenture Repair TypeCost
763Repair broken base on a complete denture$100
764Repair broken base on a partial denture$100
765Replace tooth on complete or partial denture (lost tooth)$120
766Reattach pre-existing tooth$100

50% discount on all denture repairs
with any new denture booking


Denture repair payment options

The cost of repairing broken dentures often overburdens already stretched budgets. Accidents like broken dentures can never be anticipated. We offer for your convenience Afterpay, Zipmoney, and Humm, so that you can have your smile restored in next to no time.

How does Afterpay work?

Denture repair

Denture repair

Repair cost is $100

Pay it in 4

Pay it in 4

Only pay $25 per fortnight over 8 weeks

No extra payments

No extra payments

If you pay on time, you'll pay NO interest and No additional fees.*

See our denture payment options for the steps you need to take. You don’t have to suffer broken dentures because of budget restraints. We explain how very easy it’s made for you to access no-interest finance with realistic payment plans.

The types of denture repairs we do

  • Acrylic base of denture fractures or breaks in half
  • Chipped tooth on the denture
  • Tooth falls off denture
  • Acrylic and tooth breaks away from the denture
  • Metal clasp breaks off denture
  • Cobalt clasp breaks off denture
  • Acrylic base of denture breaks or cracks or chips

The repair process for simple cracks and breaks

If it’s a clean break or crack in your acrylic base and the broken pieces fit neatly back together, we can repair the denture without taking an impression. However, if a tooth has broken from a partial denture which is next to a natural tooth, or a clasp has broken off, we will need to take an impression which requires an appointment.

Chrome denture repair

Another exception to the same day time frame is the repair of a cobalt chrome denture which requires rewelding in a specialist chrome laboratory. This can take approximately 3-5 working days depending on the complexity of the repair.

Loose denture repair

When your dentures no longer fit snugly, we can rectify this for you by doing a denture reline, which is a normal part of denture maintenance. A denture reline involves restoring the fitting space between your denture and the surface of your mouth tissue, improving the fit, stability, and suction, and extending the life of your dentures.

More complex denture repairs

All dentures can be repaired with the exception of some thermoplastic materials like Valplast. Thermosens flexible dentures can be repaired on most occasions however, given their strength and flexibility they very rarely break.

The case for having your denture repaired at a dental laboratory

Concerned about the cost of repairs or the time spent without their denture, some people might attempt their own repair. We would strongly caution against such a measure for the following reasons.

Your dentures have been made in a dental laboratory using temperature-sensitive materials in a controlled, highly regulated environment. The materials used to execute the repair are the same as those your denture was constructed of, and meld into the damaged appliance. A pressure unit called a hydro flask is used to cure the repair material, preventing it from being porous. The danger of the material being porous is the resulting tiny holes which harbour food making the denture unhygienic. The mechanics of the repair are exacting, often involving milling and always polishing to finish. These are all measures that cannot be achieved at home.

The dangers of denture repair kits and superglue

Denture repair kits may contain toxic materials, especially if purchased from overseas. These toxic substances can permanently damage your dentures, not to speak of putting your health at risk. Furthermore, changing the shape of your denture can cause an ill fit, resulting in irritation and sores in the mouth and on the gums.

Superglue contains toxic materials and is not meant for human consumption. Toxins can leach into your bloodstream with serious consequences for your health. Superglue is not waterproof, so the repair is at best, temporary. The build-up it causes, changes the surface of the acrylic making it more difficult, or even impossible for the technician to repair. Should a repair be possible, costly and time-consuming removal of the superglue build-up must be made before the repair can be executed.

Dentist vs denture clinic for denture repair

Dental surgeries do not have on-site laboratories; this means your dentist will send your repair to a specialist denture laboratory such as ours at Tweed Heads. It simply makes sense and is more cost and time effective, to come straight to the source. Northern Rivers Denture Clinic team cares for patients’  repair needs from the Gold Coast to the Northern Rivers region.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures break and need urgent repair for a variety of reasons. Most common is a denture being dropped onto a hard surface like your bathroom basin or tiled floor or being inadvertently trodden on. Breakage is more likely if your dentures are old. Acrylic eventually becomes brittle with age and wear. Subject to uneven pressures, ill-fitting dentures are also vulnerable to breakage.

If dentures are substandard due to poor construction and workmanship, then breakages are also more likely to happen. More uncommon reasons for dentures needing repair are when they’ve been chewed on by a pet.

Whatever the reason for your dentures needing repair, the overriding priority is to get it done as quickly and expertly as possible.

 No appointment needed for simple denture repairs

Just call in with your broken denture and in most cases, we will have it repaired and restored to you within the day.

Broken dentures don’t have to be a blight on your life, your budget – or your smile.

Call (07) 5536 4241 (07) 5536 4241




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