The Ezifit one tooth denture Ezifit Denture

Would you like an easy and relatively inexpensive way to fill that annoying gap in your smile? Well, look no further. We are the only clinic in the Tweed region and lower Gold Coast to offer this amazing one to three-tooth denture solution for you!

What is an Ezifit denture?

The Ezifit partial denture is a small, flexible, unilateral device which clicks easily in place to fill gaps of one to three missing teeth. The Ezifit partial denture has no metal clasps but rather, virtually invisible, gum coloured clasps. But its benefits don’t stop there.

The benefits of the Ezifit one tooth denture

Made with cutting edge Vertex Thermosens injection technology, the Ezifit partial denture doesn’t stain, is virtually unbreakable, and contains no monomer or acrylic.

So, what does this mean?

  • Because the Ezifit one tooth denture is made with the polyamide microcrystalline, there is less likelihood of an allergic reaction.
  • The Ezifit partial denture is virtually unbreakable if accidentally dropped or sat on.
  • With the help of your prosthetist, you can choose your gum colour.
  • Even better, it means the Ezifit partial denture is an inexpensive and effective alternative to dental implants.


How much does the Ezifit one tooth denture cost?

The cost of the Ezifit partial denture will depend on how many teeth you require. An obligation free consultation will clarify your needs and Dr Paul can give you a quote on the spot. Alternatively, use our ‘request a quote’ tool for an idea of cost. The price for an Ezifit partial denture begins from $1000.

Item NumberDescriptionCost
721/722The Ezifit Denture (upper or lower)$1050 (from)

The Ezifit partial denture price list shown above is dependent on the complexity of your treatment, materials used, the number of teeth to be extracted (if any) and the number of teeth on the denture.  For a comprehensive quote, please contact the clinic to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.

* Prices subject to change.

View our Dentures Cost Guide and Denture Payment Options for more information.


Before and after comparison


Check out the before and after comparison video of this patient’s Ezifit denture. The patient required a one tooth denture to fill a visible gap. Dr Paul matched the shape of the tooth with the patient’s existing teeth. The end result is a natural gap-free smile with an invisible denture.


How does the Ezifit one tooth denture compare?

Acrylic Partial DentureThe EziFit Partial DentureThermoSens Flexible Partial DentureChrome Cobalt Partial DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Partial Denture
Acrylic Partial DentureThe Ezifit DentureThermoSens Flexible DentureChrome DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Denture
Standard or high impact acrylicFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineChrome cobalt base, high impact acrylicChrome cobalt base, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
Heat cure compression or IvoBase Injection processing systemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemChrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fitCombination of chrome cobalt base and Vertex ThermoSens ensuring the perfect fit
Full palate covering roof of mouthAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
Metal claspsGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthMetal claspsMetal and/or gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
Can be easily relined and added toEasy to insert and removeMonomer and acrylic freeMetal alloy conducts warmth and coolness allowing more sensation when eatingMost hygenic
Most cost effectiveBest suited for 1-3 tooth dentureStain resistantIncredibly thin yet maintaining superior strengthThe ultimate denture combining the superior strength of chome cobalt together with the unmatched fit, comfort and security of the ThermoSens material.

How does the Ezifit one tooth denture compare to dental implants?

Dental implants have their place in addressing the issue of missing teeth. But not everyone is a suitable candidate. For various health reasons like bone loss, some people are unable to have dental implants. Even in seemingly healthy candidates, there is a risk of the body rejecting the implant.

When it comes to cost, the Ezifit one tooth denture is the perfect and inexpensive alternative to dental implants. Bone grafts are often needed for a dental implant. A single dental implant can cost between $2800 and $6500. Whereas a more complicated single dental implant with the need for a bone graft and /or sinus lift can cost between $4000 and $11500 (ref).

In addition, the process of having an Ezifit partial denture custom-made for you is relatively quick and easy, taking around 3 weeks to complete. This compares favourably to the lengthier and more complex process for dental implants, taking from 3-6 months to complete the graft and up to 12 months for the full procedure. The Ezifit partial denture, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on bone structure to be effective.


The Ezifit denture

Without The Ezifit Denture


With The Ezifit Denture

With The Ezifit Denture

Flexible partial denture pros and cons

What’s so good about the Vertex Thermosens denture base used for the Ezifit one tooth denture?

Think price, superior flexibility, great colour range, superior colour stability, hyperallergic, repairability and non-porous, making it a more hygienic and stain resistant choice of denture base. What more could you want? Oh, did I mention the Ezifit partial denture constructed with Thermosens technology is virtually unbreakable? According to the Vertex manufacturer, the Thermosens flexible denture base is beyond comparison with any other product on the market today, for strength, aesthetics, and comfort. The Ezifit is only suitable for one to three missing teeth.

Thermosens versus Valplast

FeaturesThermoSens Denture BaseValplast Denture Base
Monomer-free and acrylic freeYesNo
Range of gum coloursYesNo
Superior colour stabilityYesNo
Can be relined and added toYesNo
Virtually unbreakableYesYes

There are many advantages Vertex Thermosens technology has over other denture base materials when it comes to flexible partial dentures. Thermosens is monomer free which is good news for those concerned about allergies. Importantly, Thermosens is not porous. Its hydrophobic qualities mean it won’t absorb saliva or mouth bacteria. Unlike more porous, conventional acrylic or monomer dentures such as the Valplast denture, your Thermosens Ezifit partial denture will remain hygienic and smell fresh for years.

Furthermore, a Thermosens partial denture can be repaired or added to which is not the case for the partial denture made with Valplast. Thermosens also offers a range of stable colours its competitors can only dream of.

The process

Step 1

Dr Paul, will assess your mouth and discuss your suitability for the Ezifit partial denture with you, in your first free and without obligation consultation. He will explain the benefits and address any questions you may have.

Step 2

During your second appointment, Dr Paul will take an impression of your mouth using custom impression trays filled with a malleable material. This process serves to record your exact mouth geography. Taking good impressions is a really important part of the process and impacts directly on the end result. An experienced and competent prosthetist will ensure faithful impressions are taken so your one tooth denture gives you the best possible fit and comfort.

Step 3

During your final appointment, Dr Paul will fit your Ezifit partial denture and show you how effortless it is to click this unilateral, one tooth denture in and out for ease of cleaning.

Cleaning your Ezifit one tooth denture

This one tooth denture isn’t called Ezifit for nothing. Patients tell us how delighted they are with their Ezifit partial denture and how easy it is to manage. You simply click out your one tooth denture, run it under tepid water, then return it to your mouth. The whole process is quick, easy, and so unobtrusive. Then each night before retiring, you can clean more thorough by using a soft brush and non-abrasive cleaner. After which, your one tooth partial denture can be left on a towel to dry. Next morning, just pop your Ezi-fit denture back into your mouth and your smile is good to go again.

Free consultation

Take advantage of a free consultation with our prosthetist to determine if The Ezifit one tooth denture is the right solution for you.

Read about one patient’s Ezifit denture experience.

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