ThermoSens Flexible Dentures

ThermoSens dentures are a world-renowned, flexible and virtually unbreakable denture that is now available at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic.

Exclusive Manufacturer

As the exclusive manufacturer of ThermoSens dentures in the region bounded by Evans Head to Mount Tamborine, we are proud to offer a revolutionary denture option to patients looking for ultimate comfort and durability in a denture.

Unbreakable Dentures

Vertex ThermoSens Denture

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic can now offer you the latest breakthrough in dental technology and is leading the way to creating longer lasting, stronger, more aesthetically-pleasing, non-allergic, and cost-effective dentures. Not only are you getting a product you can depend on, but unlike other denture base material Vertex™ ThermoSens is a product you won’t have to worry might break just by dropping it.

The first partial denture that is not only monomer and acrylic free, but also virtually unbreakable. Vertex™ ThermoSens has the same opaque colour quality as acrylics, but without their imperfections.

Strength Test

After numerous strength and toughness tests, we went over and beyond to prove our point. We drove a car over our denture to prove the strength of the material. As expected, the denture base was perfectly intact without a single fracture. This is impossible to achieve with an acrylic denture.

Colour OptionsVertex ThermoSens Flexible Denture Colour Chart

From tooth-coloured and clear clasps to the pink based colours, ThermoSens blends in perfectly, to ensure you can wear your appliance with comfort and confidence, unlike metal frames. The combination of both ThermoSens Clear and ThermoSens Pink gives you another option when choosing the right denture. The ThermoSens Clear disappears in the mouth while the pink overlay adds more characteristics. This makes your denture more lifelike and keeps you smiling!

Superior Material to Valplast Dentures

In contrast to Valplast dentures and other conventional (flexible) materials in use today that are translucent and inconsistent, ThermoSens colour holds up to even the harshest liquids and foods a mouth can endure.

Suitable for partial dentures, ThermoSens dentures are a popular choice for patients looking for a denture that is basically indestructible.

ThermoSens Features

  • natural feel and improved comfort
  • low allergy risk and created using no liquid chemicals
  • less bone resorption
  • no metal clasps and almost invisible


  • lightweight – no volume shrinkage
  • available in 15 gum colours
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to humidity

How Do ThermoSens Dentures Compare?

Acrylic Partial DentureThe EziFit Partial DentureThermoSens Flexible Partial DentureChrome Cobalt Partial DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Partial Denture
Acrylic Partial DentureThe Ezifit DentureThermoSens Flexible DentureChrome DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Denture
Standard or high impact acrylicFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineChrome cobalt base, high impact acrylicChrome cobalt base, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
Heat cure compression or IvoBase Injection processing systemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemChrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fitCombination of chrome cobalt base and Vertex ThermoSens ensuring the perfect fit
Full palate covering roof of mouthAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
Metal claspsGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthMetal claspsMetal and/or gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
Can be easily relined and added toEasy to insert and removeMonomer and acrylic freeMetal alloy conducts warmth and coolness allowing more sensation when eatingMost hygenic
Most cost effectiveBest suited for 1-3 tooth dentureStain resistantIncredibly thin yet maintaining superior strengthThe ultimate denture combining the superior strength of chome cobalt together with the unmatched fit, comfort and security of the ThermoSens material.

How Much Do ThermoSens Dentures Cost?

Item NumberDescriptionCost
721/722ThermoSens Denture base$1000
733Tooth (each)$50

If you are looking for a durable and innovative denture that is virtually unbreakable then a ThermoSens denture is for you.

Finally have the smile you deserve with handcrafted, quality dentures

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