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The need for a mobile denture service appeared on our radar after requests from long-standing patients with mobility and transport issues, who were concerned for the continuity of their denture care.  

In some cases, this situation arose because of a transition to aged-care facilities. In other instances, it was because mobility became an issue. Whatever the reason, the ideal solution was for us to bring our mobile denture clinic to our patients.  

How It Works

Whether you live in a residential aged-care facility, or in your own home but find traveling a chore, we will come to you. 

During your first, FREE CONSULTATION, our prosthetist, Dr. Paul, will evaluate your needs. You will be given a care plan detailing the number of appointments needed, the services required and the cost of the work.  

Depending on your requirements, we will schedule follow-up appointments. All equipment needed will be provided by your prosthetist who will then take the work to be done back to our laboratory for completion. We also provide an on-the-spot electronic payment service for credit cards. 

Where We Go

Tweed Coast Mobile Denture Clinic

Banora PointBilambil HeightsBilambilBogangarBray Park
BurringbarByangumCaroolCasuarinaCedar Creek
ChillinghamChinderahClothiers CreekCobakiCondong
Crystal CreekCudgenCudgera CreekDunbibleDungay
DuranbahEungellaFernvaleFingal HeadHastings Point
KielvaleKingscliffLimpinwodMount BurrellMurwillumbah
Nobbys CreekPiggabeenPottsvillePumpenbilReserve Creek
Round MountainStokers SidingTanglewoodTerranoraTumbulgum
Tweed HeadsTweed Heads SouthTweed Heads WestTyalgumUki
Upper BurringbarUpper Crystal Creek

Gold Coast Mobile Denture Clinic

BilingaBurleigh HeadsBurleigh WatersCoolangattaCurrumbin
Currumbin WatersCurrumbin ValleyElanoraMiamiPalm Beach
Reedy CreekRobinaTallebudgeraTallebudgera ValleyTugun
Varsity Lakes

Benefits Of The Mobile Denture Clinic 

We recognise the transition from home to a residential aged-care facility is a big change for you or your loved one. As we get older, making those inevitable changes as effortless as possible is essential.  Being able to retain the professionals you know and trust, is part of smoothing the bumps in this phase of life. With our mobile denture service, the former hassles of arranging transport to outside appointments is no longer. We come to you! 

How To Make An Appointment

Engaging our mobile denture service is easy. Simply use our online ‘make an appointment’ form or give us a call to schedule your appointment on (07) 5536 4241(07) 5536 4241.

How To Get A Quote

Your first mobile denture appointment is free and without obligation. Dr Paul will discuss your needs, evaluate your mouth and provide an all-inclusive quote. Alternatively, you can use our online ‘Request A Quote’ form for an idea of costs. During your free, first consultation your prosthetist will examine your mouth, evaluate your specific needs and confirm your quote. If you decide to proceed with the work, we will confirm your appointments and begin your journey to a beautiful smile.  

Types of Dentures We Offer

Complete Denture Collection

The Standard Full DentureThe Custom Full DentureThe Premium Full Denture
Standard complete denturecustom complete denturecomplete dentures premium
Standard acrylicHigh impact acrylicHigh impact acrylic
Good tooth quality - VitapanBetter tooth quality - VitapanBest tooth quality - Vitapan
Heat cure compression processing systemHeat cure compression processing systemIvoclar Ivobase injection system
1 x personalised change at try-in preview2 x personalised changes at try-in previewPersonalised changes at try-in preview
Customised tooth arrangementCustomised tooth arrangement
Unmatched fit, comfort and security
Material is lightweight and odor resistant
Highly personalised
For more detailed information on our complete denture range, please see our Full Dentures page.

Partial Denture Collection

Acrylic Partial DentureThe EziFit Partial DentureThermoSens Flexible Partial DentureChrome Cobalt Partial DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Partial Denture
Acrylic Partial DentureThe Ezifit DentureThermoSens Flexible DentureChrome DentureThermoChrome Hybrid Denture
Standard or high impact acrylicFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineFlexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystallineChrome cobalt base, high impact acrylicChrome cobalt base, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
Heat cure compression or IvoBase Injection processing systemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemVertex ThermoSens Injection SystemChrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fitCombination of chrome cobalt base and Vertex ThermoSens ensuring the perfect fit
Full palate covering roof of mouthAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of tasteAllows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
Metal claspsGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthGum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouthMetal claspsMetal and/or gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
Can be easily relined and added toEasy to insert and removeMonomer and acrylic freeMetal alloy conducts warmth and coolness allowing more sensation when eatingMost hygenic
Most cost effectiveBest suited for 1-3 tooth dentureStain resistantIncredibly thin yet maintaining superior strengthThe ultimate denture combining the superior strength of chome cobalt together with the unmatched fit, comfort and security of the ThermoSens material.
For more detailed information on our partial denture range, please see our Partial Dentures page.

Why Choose Northern Rivers Denture Clinic?

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is the longest operating denture clinic in the Tweed region. Fifth generation resident, Dr Paul Hargrave, is a highly qualified prosthetist, and a compassionate professional. He and his family are true locals, living and working in the Tweed region. The Northern Rivers Denture Clinic team pride itself on a friendly approach and state of the art, onsite laboratory. Due to our close proximity to many of the residential aged care facilities in the Tweed region and Gold Coast, we are able to keep costs down and offer quick turnaround times.  

Northern Rivers Mobile Denture Clinic brings a full range of denture services to you including full dentures, partial dentures, chrome dentures, flexible dentures, our famous Ezifit denture, denture relines, tooth additions and adjustments. And when inevitable accidents occur, we offer an emergency denture repair service. We can also label your dentures to minimise the frustration of misplacement. 

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is the nearest suitable provider for the Department of Veteran Affairs in the Tweed area. 

Denture Payment Plans

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic offers a number of payment options to suit your particular needs.  

  • MacCredit is an independent finance company assisting with finance for the cost of new dentures
  • Or, we can arrange for you to pay for your dentures directly to the clinic over the period of their manufacture
  • As the local Department of Veterans Affairs provider, we can also facilitate this method of payment
  • We offer on-the-spot electronic means for those wishing to pay by credit card.  

How Long Does It Take To Make A Denture?

A new full/complete or partial denture will require approximately four visits over a three week period. 

At your first, no obligation, free consultation, Dr Paul will assess your mouth and particular requirements and discuss your expectations of your new dentures. In the case of a full denture, if tooth extraction is required, he will liaise with your dentist on whether your denture is best fitted on the same day as the tooth extraction (an immediate denture), or whether the mouth and gums will be left to heal before your denture is fitted.   

The next appointment will involve taking impressions of your mouth anatomy using custom-made trays of malleable material. Your bite registration will be determined using a wax block. 

The following appointment will involve a ‘try-in’. A customised wax model of your gums with teeth is ‘tried in’ your mouth for fit and appearance.  

Your finished dentures are fitted in the final appointment. If required, adjustments are made, and a special care pack given with instructions and products on how to maintain your new dentures.  

Denture Adjustments 

Sometimes sore spots may develop as your mouth adjusts to the new dentures. Two follow up visits to adjust your new dentures are included in your initial quote. 

Eventually, as your mouth changes, a denture reline might be required. In this case, the inside of your denture is resurfaced to restore a snug fit and prolong the life of the denture. This service can also be facilitated through our mobile denture clinic. It couldn’t be easier! Just call us or use our online booking form to arrange an appointment to suit. Dr Paul will visit to determine your requirements. Your false teeth will be relined in our laboratory and returned to you without the need to step outside your door.  

Finally have the smile you deserve with handcrafted, quality dentures

Call (07) 5536 4241 (07) 5536 4241




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