Can I super glue my dentures?

Can I super glue my dentures

Can I super glue my dentures?

The answer to the question ‘can I use super glue on my dentures?’ is well, yes you can, but would you really want to if you knew the consequences? While theoretically, you could use super glue to repair your dentures, there are very good reasons why you shouldn’t. Among the risks of using super glue or any other nonspecific denture glue to repair your dentures, is first and foremost the health hazards it poses for you. Secondly is the damage these glues may do to the delicate surfaces of your denture. You should be aware that once the super glue contacts your denture there is an issue removing it with the possibility of structural damage occurring. Thirdly, there is the probability, even with the help of YouTube, you will not match the years of training your prosthetist has, to repair them correctly.

The health risks of using super glue on your dentures

Household glues including super glue, are not the same as the glues your prosthetist uses to repair dentures, nor the same as the glue your doctor uses to stick wound edges together. Using these household glues inappropriately for applications never intended can have negative consequences for your health. Super glue contains toxic chemicals including formaldehyde, acetic acid and cyanoacrylate. If ingested in large enough quantities, formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation.i Whereas poisoning may occur when cyanoacrylate or its fumes make contact with skin, or when swallowed, due to highly absorbent oral membranes.ii At the very least, these chemicals can cause gum inflammation and irritation.

What if I have already used super glue attempting to repair my dentures?

Queensland Health recommends seeking dental or medical help if superglue is introduced to your mouth, especially if it has bonded to your teeth or gums. The chances of swallowing super glue are slim because it hardens too rapidly, although one should avoid swallowing the hardened lumps of glue. Queensland Health suggests using margarine to soften the glue so it can be gently removed.iii Saliva will generally dissolve the glue within one or two days.iv In the event you have damaged your denture while trying to repair it yourself with super glue, see your prosthetist immediately for help.

The probability of misaligned denture repairs

Attempting a DYI job to fix a tooth back onto your denture, or to repair a broken denture by sticking the pieces back together again, may seem like a good idea at the time, especially if you are caught in a bind. It must be every denture wearer’s worst nightmare to have to face the world toothless. However, there are very good reasons to seek professional help instead. Your denture is made specially to fit your unique oral topography. Careful calculations and impressions were used in the process of getting the right fit for your mouth. If, when you are gluing your denture back together again, you accidently misalign the pieces, discomfort, inflammation, tissue damage and pain can result.

Damage to denture

Further, misaligning the denture elements can place stress on the denture compromising its structural integrity. Such is the exacting nature of denture alignment, you may not even be aware of the problem until you experience the discomfort it causes when you try to eat or speak. Chemicals in household glues like super glue, can damage the delicate surface of your denture with any residue left along the fracture line distorting the area and making an effective. professional repair more difficult in the future.

Household glues are ineffective and compromise future denture repairs

The smooth surfaces of modern metal and acrylic dentures pose adherence challenges for superglue and other nonspecific household glues, making the strong bond needed for denture repairs unachievable. Further, any bond made with household glues will be temporary. This is because they are water soluble so contact with h2o in the process of drinking and cleaning will eventually dissolve the bond. Since human saliva is 99% water, your denture repair will only be temporary at best. In the meantime, you may have damaged your denture and made unlikely the success of subsequent professional repairs.

A final word

Attempting to repair your broken denture using super glue or any other household glue, is a bad idea for many reasons. Not least is the danger it poses to your health and your ability to enjoy life, not to mention the cost to your hip pocket to rectify your mistakes and have it professionally repaired or even replace a compromised denture. The take-home message is if you break your denture, seek professional help rather than trying to make a repair yourself. It will save you money, time, and angst in the long run. Denture clinics replace denture teeth and repair broken dentures all the time. They understand the urgency of rapid denture repairs and will try to minimise any inconvenience. Some clinics offer a same day denture repair service.


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