Dentures before and after pictures and videos

When it comes to the vast difference dentures can make to a patient’s appearance, seeing is believing. No amount of careful explanation can quite match showing you pictures of dentures before and after. This is even more apparent when you view our video stories of genuine denture wearers being transformed by beaming full-tooth smiles. We at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, never tire of our patients’ delight when they see themselves wearing a complete, natural looking smile. We love what we do, and it shows. Get ready to be transformed.

Full dentures before and after

Full dentures are the alternative when no natural teeth remain. In addition to fitting and functioning well, they must make you look good. The aim is not to look like you’re wearing a good denture but rather to appear as if you’re endowed with great natural teeth. To achieve this ideal, our prosthetists consider many factors in the process of crafting a customised denture for you. To replicate original teeth in the most pleasing and natural-looking dentures, your unique facial proportions must be taken into account. The shape of your face, the size of your jaw, and the shape of your natural teeth before they are removed, are crucial considerations. Our prosthetists steer you towards the best tooth and gum colour according to your natural skin tones and hair colour. It may surprise you that brilliant white is not always the most flattering look. Nor would tiny teeth look right in a large mouth for instance.

Partial dentures before and after

In addition to the measures considered when crafting a full denture, a partial denture also requires our prosthetists to carefully match existing natural teeth, for shape, size, and colour. While some patients may aspire to dazzling white smiles, if your natural teeth are a different shade, the colour discrepancy is amplified and produces a jarring un-natural result. Simply put, the partial denture will immediately be seen as false.

Immediate dentures before and after

Pictures of immediate dentures before and after, show the positive difference dentures can make, not only to your appearance, but also to your confidence and self-image. Instead of waiting until your mouth recovers from tooth extractions, immediate dentures are inserted as a temporary measure immediately after the removal of natural teeth. Once healing of the mouth and gums is complete and tissue shrinkage has abated, a permanent denture is made to replace the immediate. Even with subsequent swelling after extractions, the denture before and after comparison to a patient’s appearance makes up for the discomfort of having teeth removed.

Other factors that videos of dentures before and after address

Our smile gallery of dentures before and after, offers hope to people with bad teeth or no teeth. Images of happy smiling denture wearers confirm no situation is irreversible, especially when those pictured are everyday people just like you. Seeing pictorial evidence of how a patient’s appearance has been transformed in the dentures before and after photos, also allays fears about how a denture will appear, how the fastening clasps are placed for concealment and how a denture is secured. You can see for yourself how a well-made denture is constructed to sit in the mouth just like natural teeth, supporting the facial muscles for a more youthful look, and allowing you to eat and speak effectively. It is no exaggeration to say restoring a person’s teeth can change their life for the better.

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