Chrome cobalt (metal) dentures explained

Chrome Cobalt Partial DentureTo clarify, chrome cobalt dentures are sometimes referred to as chrome dentures or metal dentures, but they are the same thing. Similarly, partial chrome dentures is an interchangeable term for partial cobalt chrome dentures, cast metal partial dentures or simply metal partial dentures.

The chrome cobalt denture design is a happy marriage of rigidity and flexibility making it strong, light and durable. Teeth are attached to the light metal alloy framework and are secured, in the case of metal partial dentures, with metal clasps which are integral to the framework. Northern Rivers Denture Clinic can make full dentures in chrome to increase strength.

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What types of chrome dentures are there?

We offer the partial chrome denture or the hybrid ThermoSens chrome denture which combines the best denture design features of the chrome cobalt denture and superior ThermoSens technology.

Chrome cobalt denture

Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture

  • Australian made chrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fit
  • Standard acrylic
  • Ivoclar German teeth
  • Heat cure compression processing system
  • Metal clasps
  • Incredibly thin yet maintaining superior strength

From $1,680

or $33 /fortnight*

24 month interest free payment plan

Thermochrome Hybrid denture

ThermoChrome Hybrid Partial Denture

  • Australian made chrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fit
  • Combination of chrome cobalt base and Vertex ThermoSens ensuring the perfect fit
  • Ivoclar German teeth
  • Vertex ThermoSens Injection System
  • Metal and/or gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
  • The ultimate denture combining the superior strength of chome cobalt together with the unmatched fit, comfort and security of the ThermoSens material

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What are the pros and cons of chrome cobalt dentures?

If you are considering your suitability for a chrome denture, see the table below for pros and cons. Why not discuss this option further before deciding, by taking advantage of our free consultation offer.



High tensile strength, thin and light Not suitable for all denture patients
Can leave palate uncovered increasing food
More expensive than acrylic dentures
Good retention Mostly not suitable for repair if bent
Good aesthetics  
More hygienic -less plaque build-up  
Less bulky than acrylic – more comfortable  
Hyper allergenic - biocompatible with your
Fracture resistant  
Clasps are cast as part of the metal framework
giving greater strength

Cobalt chrome metal denture appearance

The combination of materials used to craft your chrome denture gives it superior aesthetics and wearability. You can smile confidently knowing your chrome denture is inconspicuous with major metal parts covered in gum coloured acrylic.

The strong, feather light metal framework covers less of your palate than acrylic dentures, allowing greater appreciation of food texture and temperatures. Unobtrusive metal clasps provide excellent retention to natural teeth. But you don’t have to rely on descriptions.

Our friendly team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is happy to show you a cobalt chrome denture so you can see and feel it for yourself.

Chrome dentures: How long does it take to get them?

We all want things yesterday – right? Well, despite the advanced technological process needed to manufacture your chrome cobalt dentures, the Northern Rivers dental laboratory can have your new cobalt chrome dentures (light alloy dentures) ready for you within as little as three weeks.

Other partial denture options and how they compare with chrome partial dentures

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is pleased to show you a range of partial dentures made in our Tweed Heads dental laboratory, right next to Banora Point. Be reassured we do not send any work to overseas laboratories. Our denture team will also show you samples of our denture collection and answer any questions you may have. Compare the chrome cobalt denture with other partial dentures like flexible partial dentures, by clicking the button below.

Comparing metal partial cobalt chrome dentures with acrylic partial dentures

Cobalt chrome dentures

Acrylic dentures

Very thin and lightweight Thicker and bulkier in the mouth
Less conspicuous and more aesthetically
More noticeable
Stronger More likely to break if dropped
More palate exposed Covers more palate
Clasps are integral part of metal framework
therefore stronger
Clasps are embedded in acrylic and can break off
Better retention in the mouth  
Fracture resistant Not as strong – will fracture if dropped
More difficult to repair Can be repaired

Things to know about cleaning chrome dentures

The non-porous and corrosive resistant properties of metal partial dentures make them less prone to plaque build-up and easy to clean using a denture brush, soap, and warm running water. See our denture care page for more comprehensive instructions.

There is no need for abrasive or harsh cleaning products which can damage the structure and appearance of your cobalt chrome denture. While teeth on your chrome denture may absorb stains just as natural teeth do, a professional clean in our onsite Tweed Heads dental laboratory will restore your chrome denture’s original shine.

Denture brush for chrome denture

The benefits of buying Australian made dentures

Buying Australian-made dentures ensures your health and investment are protected by Australian standards. The fact you are dealing with a local oral health professional doesn’t necessarily mean your dentures are made in Australia. Where your dentures are made is an important question to
pose to your oral health provider. 

Sending work to overseas manufacturers can give oral health providers an edge in a competitive market. But this can come at a price for denture wearers. The lack of regulatory oversight in denture manufacture overseas can result in an inferior product with little or no redress for the patient. Poor quality dentures made with substandard materials not only look bad but are less durable and more difficult or sometimes even impossible to repair.

Further, there is your health to consider. Since you are wearing dentures in your mouth for long hours every day, you need to be sure they do not pose a risk to your health. The materials used in denture manufacture overseas have not been subjected to stringent Australian safety standards that apply to Australian made dentures. They are cheaper for a reason. 

When you choose Northern Rivers Denture Clinic to make your chrome dentures, you are safe in the knowledge of working with a trusted, long-standing local, governed by strict Australian standards. We, at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic are proud of the dentures we craft. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

See our Denture Care page for comprehensive advice on cleaning your chrome dentures and maintaining your oral health. As a general guide, washing under warm running water with a special denture brush and pure soap, then rinsing in warm water is the safest and most effective method. Take care to avoid harmful agents like bleach or abrasive cleaners which are harmful to the appearance and structure of your denture, potentially shortening its life.

Each type of removeable partial denture has its advantages and disadvantages relating to durability, comfort, fit, aesthetics, price, and repairability. Consult the comparison Cobalt Chrome Dentures V Acrylic Dentures table above for more information.

The chrome partial denture cost depends on factors like each patient’s unique clinical needs, how many teeth need replacing, and other customisations they might want. Currently (2020) prices begin at $1200.

Generally, you can expect your chrome cobalt dentures to last between 5 – 10 years. This depends on the individual wearer; how much bone loss and shrinkage they experience over time, their loss of additional teeth, and how well they care for the denture. Despite having better fracture resistance and durability than acrylic dentures, denture repairs or alterations made to chrome cobalt dentures can be less reliable in certain cases.

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