Why choose an Ezifit denture?

Ezifit Single Tooth DentureIf you are looking for a single tooth removeable partial denture, then the Ezifit partial denture for one tooth, is the perfect and most cost-effective way to resolve that unsightly gap left by a missing tooth, or even fill in the gap left by up to three absent teeth.

Easy to insert and remove, the Ezifit offers so much more than other single tooth dentures. The Ezifit partial denture can be custom made to fit your unique clinical situation.

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What is an Ezifit partial single tooth denture?

The Ezifit removable partial denture is aptly named for the convenient and effortless way it clicks into place in your mouth. The single tooth removeable denture is made from nylon and is secured in the mouth by gum coloured clasps.

There is a range of teeth to choose from, offering various degrees of natural looking aesthetics. 

Sometimes a surfeit of choice can be overwhelming, but no need to be concerned. The team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic will assist in choosing a customised tooth replacement option, ensuring you get the best combination for your needs.

How much does a single tooth denture cost?

The custom-made nature of the Ezifit denture and each patient’s unique treatment requirements means the cost of a single tooth denture will vary accordingly. At Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, we offer a free consultation with our dental prosthetist who will assess your needs and give you a tailor-made quote during your no-obligation 30-minute appointment.

Ezifit single tooth denture

EziFit Single Tooth Denture

  • Best suited for 1-3 tooth denture
  • Flexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
  • Gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Vertex ThermoSens Injection System
  • Monomer and acrylic free
  • Non allergenic

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Before and after comparison

Check out the before and after comparison video of this patient’s Ezifit denture. The patient required a single tooth denture to fill a visible gap. Dr Paul (dental prosthetist) matched the shape of the tooth with the patient’s existing teeth. The end result is a natural gap-free smile with an invisible denture.

Comparison of the Ezifit single tooth denture with other partial dentures and teeth

It’s always important to consider all options on offer so you can make an informed choice when deciding which is best for you. The partial denture comparison table explains the features of other partial dentures in comparison to the Ezifit single tooth removeable partial denture.

How does the Ezifit single tooth denture compare to a dental implant?

Dental implants have their place in addressing the issue of missing teeth. But not everyone is a suitable candidate. For various health reasons like bone loss, some people are unable to have dental implants. Even in seemingly healthy candidates, there is still a risk of the body rejecting the implant.

When it comes to cost, the Ezifit single tooth denture is a perfect and inexpensive alternative to dental implants. Bone grafts are often needed for a dental implant. A single dental implant can cost between $2800 and $6500. Whereas a more complicated single dental implant with the need for a bone graft and /or sinus lift can cost between $4000 and $11500 (ref).

In addition, the process of having a bespoke Ezifit partial denture custom-made for you is relatively quick and easy, taking around 3 weeks to complete. This compares favourably to the lengthier and more complex process for dental implants, taking from 3-6 months to complete the graft and up to 12 months for the full procedure. The Ezifit partial denture, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on bone structure to be effective.

The procedure

During your initial free, no-obligation appointment, our prosthetist will assess your mouth for suitability to wear an Ezifit one tooth partial denture. We give you a comprehensive quote and treatment plan, together with appointments for the rest of the procedure, explaining the benefits and answer any questions you may have.

During the second appointment, we take preliminary impressions of your mouth.

The third appointment involves taking more precise impressions using custom trays filled with malleable material to record your exact mouth geography. This is an important part of the procedure to ensure optimal fit and comfort and the appearance of your one tooth denture.

A wax model complete with a tooth is tried in your mouth to check for fit and appearance.  This will give you an idea of how your new Ezifit denture will look. 

During your final appointment, we fit your virtually undetectable Ezifit single tooth partial denture and show you its magical ability to click effortlessly in and out of your mouth for ease of cleaning. We will also advise on the care of your denture.

Will a single tooth removeable partial denture suit me?

If you are considering a flexible partial for an easy to fit and easy to wear single tooth partial denture, it’s likely you are a candidate for an Ezifit partial denture. Or perhaps you're hard on your denture and need one that is extremely robust. The Ezifit is an ideal choice in this case, almost eliminating the need for a denture repair service.

Free consultation

Take advantage of a free consultation with our prosthetist to determine if the Ezifit single tooth denture is the right solution for you.

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Can I get a single tooth partial denture?

EziFit Single Tooth DentureMissing one tooth and you want to know if there is a solution? Well, make that a resounding yes! Your single tooth denture can be customised to suit your unique clinical, aesthetic and budgetary needs. A visit to your dental prosthetist for an assessment and advice is your first port of call.

What choices do I have if I have a single missing tooth?

Firstly, when it comes to replacing a missing tooth there are two main choices. Depending on your clinical situation and available finances, you can choose to have a dental implant or alternatively, you can choose a single tooth denture option. So, what are the pros and cons of each?

Single tooth dental implant

The dental implant option most closely mimics a natural tooth experience. A tooth implant is not removable. Once fitted, they remain fixed in place. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants for the following reasons:

  • Surgery is required to implant a metal post into your jaw
  • Bone grafts may be needed if your jawbone is insufficient to support the post over which the tooth is fitted
  • The implant process takes more time than the manufacture of a single tooth denture
  • The cost of an implant compared to a denture is far greater than a partial denture

Single ThermoSens tooth denture and the ‘flipper’ single tooth denture

Unlike the single tooth implant, the single tooth partial denture is a viable option for most people despite their bone quality status. There are two main denture options to choose from in this category, depending upon the location of the missing tooth you wish to replace and the material from which it is made.

The flipper denture is an acrylic denture attached to a small palate (otherwise known as a ‘plate’ or ‘flipper’), designed to replace a single lost front tooth or even two lost teeth. It is secured in place with clasps. Whereas the Thermoplastic Ezifit is a single tooth denture which replaces one or up to three posterior or back teeth and has no acrylic palate but rather is held in place by the undercut. 

In each case, the manufacturing and fitting process for a single tooth denture takes less time than that required for an implant. Further, the cost of a single tooth denture is far less than a dental implant.

While the dental implant offers a virtual ‘get and forget advantage’, the removeable nature of a denture means replacement is likely in future years as your mouth geography shrinks and changes with age. Unlike a fixed dental implant, rough handling and accidents can result in breakages, and are more of a possibility when your denture is out of your mouth.

How do I choose a one tooth partial denture for me?

EziFit Single Tooth DentureThere is a single tooth denture for you no matter what your aesthetic preference, clinical situation, or budget. Never before has dental technology offered such a wide range of options. The best place to begin understanding the process, begins with a visit to your dental prosthetist who will guide you through the options available for your unique circumstances. Once your prosthetist has assessed your clinical requirements, they will explain the different features of each base material whether it be:

  • Acrylic – the most popular and most economical
  • Thermoplastic/flexible – extremely easy to insert and wear, very robust

Questions to consider when choosing a single tooth partial denture

Your prosthetist will guide you through the process of getting a partial one-tooth denture. While price is an important consideration, there are equally important things to consider, so ideally a balance must be achieved. The main questions for you to discuss with your prosthetist are:

  • How comfortable is this denture?
  • Will the price fit my budget?
  • Is this denture robust and how long can I expect it to last?
  • How natural will the denture look?

Denture comfort and you

The comfort of your denture is the optimal aim. Without it, there is little point having dentures at all. However, everyone is different. We each have different expectations, differing abilities to persevere and push through to our desired outcomes. It’s important to remember that hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions around the globe, wear dentures successfully. A successful denture relies on the pact you make with your oral health professionals. Just like you, your dental prosthetist wants the best possible outcome for you. Working together, this outcome is very achievable.

Is a single tooth or flipper denture easy to get used to?

For some patients, becoming accustomed to wearing something foreign in their mouths is easy, while for others it takes a little patience until they get used to them.

The benefits far outweigh any effort you make while learning to wear your one-tooth partial denture. Among the advantages are restored appearance, being able to chew with a full set of teeth, as well as the added benefit of reducing possible health issues of having gaps caused by missing teeth in the jawbone.

Instances where a single tooth denture is unsuitable.

  • Unsuitable for those patients who have epilepsy or seizures
  • where there is not enough space for the tooth
  • where the abutment teeth either side of the gap are unviable or not in a healthy state

How much does a single tooth denture cost?

The cost of restoring your smile with a single tooth denture is far outweighed by the benefits to your appearance and confidence. However, budgetary restraints are an important reality for most people and must be carefully considered.

Once your dental prosthetist has assessed your needs and preferences, a more exact idea of your one-tooth denture cost can be established.

However, depending on the denture base materials, your single tooth partial denture will cost approximately:

  • Acrylic partial flipper denture – from $865
  • Ezifit (ThermoSens) partial denture – from $1265

If the upfront costs of a partial denture are putting you off, consider the many no-interest, payment plans on offer. Being able to spread payments over a period of months may even allow you to upgrade your choices.

How long will my single tooth partial denture last?

Ezifit Single Tooth Denture OverviewThe degree of wear on a partial denture is as unique as the individual wearer which makes it difficult to determine the lifespan of a partial denture. However, regular checks and good maintenance will certainly help to preserve the longevity of your partial denture. With care you can expect your acrylic partial denture to last between 5-7 years, and your Thermosens or nylon partial denture to last between 2-3 years. Regular checks with your prosthetist will address small issues, like undue pressure caused by loose dentures, before the small issues compromise the denture’s integrity.

Will people know I’m wearing a partial denture?

This is a common concern for those contemplating dentures, whether it is full dentures or a single tooth denture. Be reassured, dental technology has made huge advances in recent years, producing aesthetically pleasing and natural looking teeth. Some patients, worried about how their new teeth will look, are often delighted to discover their new smile is even better than the one they had before, transforming their whole look. This is especially the case if the tooth they are missing is in the very front of their smile.

Single tooth denture repairs

Most partial dentures can be repaired if you happen to break them, or lose a tooth, or a clasp. Depending on what is broken, partial dentures made with flexible materials like ThermoSens, can also be repaired. Flexible partial dentures ThermoSens technology like the EziFit, cannot be added to however, nor repaired if a clasp breaks.

How do I maintain my one tooth partial denture?

Try to think of maintaining your partial denture as protecting an investment in your comfort, appearance and especially your pocket. It doesn’t take much time or effort to do so but will serve you well by increasing your partial denture’s lifespan.

The maintenance regime for a single tooth denture

  • Rinse your partial denture under warm running water, but never use hot water which may warp the base.
  • Brush gently with a soft bristle toothbrush and plain soap. 
  • Be sure to gently brush around all the grooves and crevasses.
  • Then rinse under running water and place on a towel in a safe place to dry

How do I know a single tooth partial denture is right for me?

You are a candidate for a partial denture unless you are subject to seizures which may pose a choking a hazard, or if you are unable to insert and remove the partial denture by yourself. But don’t think you are alone in making this decision. Consulting a dental prosthetist can help you decide what is best for you clinically and according to your aesthetic preferences. Some denture clinics offer free consultations where you can be clinically assessed, discuss the options with an oral health professional, get a treatment plan and be given a quote.

It’s only one missing tooth so why do I need to replace it?

Single Tooth DentureWearing a partial denture to replace missing natural teeth does more than restore your smile and ability to fully enjoy the eating experience. Replacing missing natural teeth with a partial denture helps to stem natural bone loss and affords stability, preserving the integrity of your facial structure. Without teeth to support them, facial muscles can collapse inward giving you a less youthful appearance, and even prematurely aging you. Now who could possibly want that?

A final word

Getting a single tooth acrylic flipper partial denture or a ThermoSens EziFit partial denture to replace a missing natural tooth makes sense. The benefits far outweigh any temporary inconvenience you may experience while becoming accustomed to it. Even a tight budget or lack of funds are no longer an excuse to smile behind your hand. The highly customisable nature of dentures these days ensures you get a beautiful smile as totally unique as you are. Given the right level of maintenance and care, your partial denture will serve you well for years.

Frequently asked questions

A single tooth denture is a removeable one tooth prosthetic device, secured in the mouth by gum coloured clasps. Although called a single tooth denture, you can have up to three teeth on this denture. 

A single tooth denture cost depends on the type of partial denture for one tooth that you choose and the complexity of your treatment. We offer a free consultation and quote for your first appointment so you can discuss your options with our prosthetist.

A single tooth is embedded in the denture base material or dental plate which is designed to model the patient’s mouth anatomy. Once inserted into the mouth, the denture is secured to adjoining natural teeth with gum coloured clasps.

The most price-effective choice to replace a single missing tooth is an EziFit single tooth partial denture priced from $1,265.

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