What are the benefits of a free consultation?

Our free consultation offer relieves you of some of the costs related to dentures. A free consultation allows you and your prosthetist to become acquainted in an obligation-free environment.

Why is this important?

It gives you time to assess if our prosthetist is the right fit for you without the pressure to commit to treatment. Developing confidence in professional expertise is essential when entrusting your health and wellbeing to any health professional. Good communication between you and your prosthetist is vital for enabling the expectations of both parties to align. Our prosthetists will guide you through all aspects of the denture process and beyond to the adjustment and maintenance phases.

One of the most important elements in decision-making is to be informed. This is why we encourage you to ask questions, so you can gather information crucial for your decision-making in an obligation free space.

A free consultation is a great opportunity to discuss concerns you may have, like expected outcomes, available choices, and finance options, at no cost to you. A benefit not generally offered by other dental professionals.

How long is a free consultation?

Your free consultation can take up to 30 minutes and is valued at $80, although there is no cost to you for your consultation.

What happens in a free consultation?

During your free consultation, our prosthetist will do a comprehensive examination of your gums, any existing natural teeth, and your old denture, if you have one. Your prosthetist will ask questions and encourage you to do the same. This procedure forms part of the ‘getting-to-know each other’ process. Based on this information your prosthetist will make recommendations and explain the available options to you. Even when you may expect a new denture is due, this is not always the case. We may offer other options.

When do I get a quote?

During your free consultation we provide a no obligation, free quote for any work needed and we explain payment options.

There is no need to commit to any treatment at this appointment. We like you to have ample time to think over the information you have been given before you decide to proceed.

Who does the free consultation apply to?

The offer of a free consultation is available to all new and existing patients. That means if you are already a valued patient at Norther Rivers Denture Clinic and have decided to get new dentures, or upgrade your existing ones, the consultation part of your invoice is always free. There is no limit to this.

Your consultation with our prosthetist at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is without any cost to you – that is, totally free and without obligation. Why not book in and meet our friendly professional team?

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Free 30-minute consultation valued at $100

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