Our warranty

Purchasing dentures involves a considerable financial investment. We at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic understand this and are committed to ensuring you get the best product possible in terms of workmanship and materials. However, sometimes best intentions go awry. We would therefore like to reassure you by offering a limited craftsmanship warranty. If your denture breaks as a result of defective material or faulty workmanship we will fix it. This includes new dentures and relines handcrafted by Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, which will be repaired free of charge.

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic will repair breaks and fractures, or replace any tooth or clasp loss, resulting from defective materials or faulty workmanship. We cannot honour the warranty however, if you do not attend to your 12 month recall examination. Nor will the warranty apply if any prescribed denture maintenance, including denture relines, is not attended to within the warranty time period.

Warranty time periods

Denture Type Warranty Time Period
Acrylic Denture 5 years
Cobalt Chrome Denture 5 years
ThermoChrome Hybrid Denture 5 years
ThermoSens Flexible Denture 2 years
Ezifit Denture 2 years
Implant Retained Denture 5 years
Temporary Denture 1 year
Denture Hard Reline 2 years
Denture Soft Reline 1 year
Denture Repair Not covered
Tooth Addition Not covered

We will not repair, reline or replace the denture, free of charge, if:

  • the denture is accidentally dropped, broken or trodden on
  • you lose the denture
  • discolouration of teeth or acrylic gum material occurs
  • you neglect prescribed oral hygiene
  • you use your denture inappropriately (any use not endorsed by our dental prosthetists)
  • there is damage due to excessive wear to your denture (e.g. caused by grinding one’s teeth
  • removing a clasp from your denture in order to add teeth, results in ‘rocking’, possibly leading to cracks or fractures
  • subsequent dental work compromises the denture fit or causes breakage, the warranty will not apply. Link to blog post. We may require a treatment plan from your dentist to confirm dental work was not the cause
  • anyone other than Northern Rivers Denture Clinic makes repairs, adjustments, additions or relines to your denture, the warranty will be void
  • neglect or lack of proper maintenance to your denture causes the breakage. *This includes neglecting to attend annual free check-ups for denture health
  • you abuse your denture by attempting to mend or clean the denture with un-prescribed substances or equipment will void the warranty
  • injuries or accidents cause breakage or damage to your denture
  • loss of fit occurs due to weight loss
  • you fail to follow our prosthetist’s instructions for your denture

In addition, denture aesthetics (the denture’s appearance) are not covered by this warranty. Please see our personal satisfaction guarantee.

When warranty claims are deemed questionable, or in the absence of supporting evidence, Northern Rivers Denture Clinic reserves the right to assess the claim at their discretion.

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