Partial denture

What is a partial denture?

If you have some remaining natural teeth but wish to fill the gaps left after extractions or tooth loss, then partial dentures are an effective and natural looking alternative. A partial denture is a custom-made, removable prosthetic device, held securely in your mouth by clasping to existing teeth. The partial denture design depends on your remaining tooth configuration, but most are made of gum coloured acrylic or metal with artificial teeth attached. Either an upper or lower partial denture can be made for you depending on your needs.

What types of partial dentures are available?

Ongoing advances in dental technology continue to give candidates a plethora of choice. Whether you need to replace just one missing tooth or several, or whether you need partial dentures for the front teeth or back teeth, we can customise a solution for you. After our dental prosthetist assesses your individual situation and number of teeth to be replaced, you will be advised to consider factors like, wearability preference, durability of materials used, appearance and cost before choosing your partial denture. 

The types of partial dentures available include acrylic partial dentures, chrome partial denturesflexible partial dentures like Thermosens and the Ezifit partial denture. The boxes below shows the various types of partial dentures available at our Tweed Heads Denture Clinic.

Acrylic Partial Denture

  • Standard or high impact acrylic
  • Heat cure compression or IvoBase Injection processing system
  • Full palate covering roof of mouth
  • Metal clasps
  • Can be easily relined and added to
  • Most cost effective

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From $865

or $22 /fortnight*

*24 months interest free payment plan

EziFit Partial Denture

  • Flexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
  • Vertex ThermoSens Injection System
  • Allows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
  • Gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Best suited for 1-3 tooth denture

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From $1,265

or $29 /fortnight*

*24 months interest free payment play

ThermoSens Flexible Partial Denture

  • Flexible, virtually unbreakable polyamide microcrystalline
  • Vertex ThermoSens Injection System
  • Allows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
  • Gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
  • Monomer and acrylic free
  • Stain resistant

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From $1,265

or $29 /fortnight*

*24 months interest free payment plan

Chrome Cobalt Partial Denture

  • Chrome cobalt base, high impact acrylic
  • Chrome cobalt base molded and designed specific to individual mouth giving superior fit
  • Allows palate to be exposed giving greater sense of taste
  • Metal and/or gum coloured clasps making them almost invisible in the mouth
  • Metal alloy conducts warmth and coolness allowing more sensation when eating
  • Incredibly thin yet maintaining superior strength

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From $1,465

or $33 /fortnight*

*24 months interest free payment plan

How much does a partial denture cost?

Partial denture prices are as individual as you are and vary according to your choices and needs. However, given the investment you are making in your wellbeing, we understand you want some indication of price. With this in mind we offer a free consultation to see a dental prosthetist at our Tweed Heads denture clinic with no obligation to purchase a denture from us. A chat with our dental prosthetist after your assessment will address any questions you may have and allow you the opportunity to view our samples. A treatment plan and quote are included in this no obligation, free offer.

For more information, visit our Dentures Cost Guide or use our Request a Quote tool.

Item Number Denture Type Cost
721/722 Acrylic partial denture (base) $800 (from)
721/722 ThermoSens flexible partial denture (base) $1200 
721/722 EziFit denture (base) $1200
727/728 Chrome cobalt partial denture (base) $1400 (from)
733 Vitapan teeth (per tooth) $65 (from)

*Prices are subject to change.

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What benefits do partial dentures offer?

The most obvious benefit of partial dentures is the way they restore your smile by filling unsightly gaps with replaceable, natural looking teeth. Our appearance and how we present to the world affect our self-perception and self-esteem. Having the confidence to smile and speak clearly without hiding behind your hand, is a huge asset affecting personal relationships and employment prospects.

But the benefits do not stop there. Beyond the aesthetic gains, partial dentures afford stability, stemming bone loss and preserving facial structure integrity which may be compromised when gaps are not filled after teeth are removed or lost. Whether an upper or lower partial denture, your biting and chewing ability is restored so you can enjoy your food again.

Is a partial denture for me?

For most people looking to resolve the gaps in their smiles, regain their confidence and ability to eat with enjoyment, there is an ideal partial denture solution available. While some adjustment to wearing a removeable partial denture is necessary, any initial inconvenience is well worth the end result. However, removeable partial dentures are not suitable for everyone. If you have no remaining natural teeth then you will need a full denture.

Partial dentures

Who can’t wear removable partial dentures?

Removable partial dentures are not suitable for those who experience seizures because of the risk of choking. A physical or cognitive inability to remove the denture for cleaning and hygiene purposes excludes others.

Getting used to partial dentures

Getting used to partial dentures

What can you expect when you get a partial denture? Any change in life can be a challenge, so it is useful to focus on the end result – a beautiful smile and ability to eat what you want and speak clearly. Initially you may feel the partial denture crowds your mouth, making chewing or speaking feel a little strange. This is normal, but as you become accustomed to having a foreign object in your mouth, the opposite will be true – you will feel strange without your partial denture. Sometimes a new denture can rub on mouth and gum tissue causing sore spots. This is easily addressed. At Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, we reassure any adjustments your dental prosthetist makes to your partial denture are covered in the overall cost of your denture.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of partial dentures is highly variable, depending on the complexity of your treatment, the number of teeth extracted, the number of teeth on the partial denture, and the materials it is made of. See our Cost of Dentures page.

If you take good care of your denture by having regular checks with your dental prosthetist, your
acrylic partial denture can last between 5-7 years. Chrome partial dentures should last between 5-10 years. The wear on a partial denture differs with each individual wearer. Dentures should be relined every two years to maintain a good fit which avoids any undue pressure causing cracks and breaks, common in ill-fitting dentures. If you break your denture, Northern Rivers Denture Clinic has your back when it comes to denture repairs.

There is a partial denture to suit everyone’s needs. Your dental prosthetist will advise on the
options most suitable for you and your circumstances. The choice you make will be governed by factors like the number of missing teeth you have, your wearability preference for one type of composition over another, and budget constraints you may have. See our table for a comparison of the different types of partial dentures.

If you take good care of your mouth and abutment teeth (those adjacent to your denture), your partial denture is unlikely to damage natural teeth. Excessive plaque build-up on teeth immediately next to your denture can cause tooth decay or gum disease, but with careful cleaning and flossing you can easily avoid this.

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