Help is available for lost or destroyed dentures

Accidents always happen at the most inopportune times. This is never truer than when they happen to your dentures. Maybe you lost them in the surf, or the dog ate them. The thought of going ‘gummy’ compounds the stress. So, what to do?

It’s times like these you don’t need consoling words, you need action. We can help!

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic offers an emergency service to replace your dentures in rapid time.

We can make new acrylic or nylon dentures to restore your smile within a week. Chrome dentures take a little longer. The first step is to call us and schedule your appointments.

The procedure for replacing your dentures

You will need four appointments over a week, during which you will have impressions taken, models made and ‘try-ins’ done for fit and appearance. On the final appointment you will take possession of your new denture.

Cost of emergency dentures

‘So what will this cost me?’ you may ask. ‘Not the earth’ is the answer. We add a small percentage to the regular cost of a denture to cover extra time and effort made to speed up the manufacturing process.

For a close estimate of costs, complete our online quote form.

Payment options

One doesn’t usually plan for accidents like lost or destroyed dentures. And not everyone has the ready cash to pay for new dentures. However, it’s worth contacting your insurer to see if your household insurance can help out. Some insurance companies allow dentures to be listed as special items on house and content insurance.

Another option to explore if you don’t have the cash up front, is getting access to your superannuation. Sometimes payments can be made for health-related emergencies.

There are also no-interest payment plans available for emergencies like these.

Interest free denture payment plans

Worth considering

One never knows what is around the corner. For that reason, perhaps you might consider getting a spare set of dentures made. Who knows, next time you might lose your dentures right before a job interview, or horror! - on the eve of a major life event like your wedding. As we said, accidents always happen at the most inopportune times.

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Free 30-minute Consultation

We believe in informed decisions. That's why we offer free 30-minute consultations to all our patients, new and existing. During this no-pressure appointment, we'll discuss your denture needs and goals, provide a personalised treatment plan and clear cost estimate, with no obligation to proceed. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered.

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