What is a flexible denture?

Flexible DentureWe are proud to offer you an exciting flexible partial denture with the ultimate in comfort, aesthetics and durability. The Vertex Thermosens system, exclusive to our Tweed Heads denture clinic in the Northern Rivers region, is a breakthrough for dental technology, offering stronger, more durable and cost effective Tweed Heads flexible partial dentures.

The Vertex Thermosens partial denture has no metal clasps, as the base and clasps are made as one from the same base material. Even better, you needn’t be concerned about this denture breaking if dropped. Not only is this the first denture to be monomer and acrylic free - perfect for those with sensitivity problems - it also has opaque, gum coloured aesthetics as acrylic dentures, but with fewer flaws.

At Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, flexible dentures are only available as partial dentures, not as full dentures. Like other partial dentures, flexible partial dentures are a removeable replacement for natural teeth that are missing due to accident, poor health or disease, but possessing different qualities than those of acrylic partial dentures. While known as ‘flexible dentures’, these dentures are not flexible in the same sense as being ‘bendable’. Rather, they are less rigid than dentures composed of conventional materials. Nor is ‘soft flexible denture’ an accurate description, but simply relative to the contrasting rigid, non-flexible metal or acrylic dentures which have a less soft feel to them. 

Designed to replace up to approximately 6 missing teeth, a flexible partial denture restores your smile, allowing you to eat and speak as you did before you lost your natural teeth. However, not all flexible dentures are equal, nor are they the answer to all patients’ partial denture needs.

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How much do flexible dentures cost?

Flexible denture prices are understandably very individual, as they are to each patient’s particular requirements. The flexible dentures price will depend on factors like the number of teeth you require on the denture and how complex your treatment is.

For a comprehensive quote, book into our Tweed Heads denture clinic for a no-obligation free consultation.

Flexible Partial Denture

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Are Vertex ThermoSens flexible partial dentures a good choice for you?

Dentures made with the ThermoSens technology are stronger, more flexible, longer lasting, and cost effective.

Further, the ThermoSens denture is aesthetically desirable for its range of colour choices and superior colour fastness. Whereas conventional flexible denture base materials incline towards colour inconsistency and translucency.

The non-porous nature of Vertex Thermosens denture base makes it stain resistant and a more hygienic choice for your new flexible partial dentures.

For those patients unable to accept dentures in the past because of concerns about allergic reactions or other sensitivity problems the Vertex ThermoSens technology is monomer and acrylic free, making it less hyperallergic. And if you need further convincing these dentures are a good choice for you, ThermoSens flexible partial dentures can be repaired.

How do flexible dentures compare?

View the range of partial dentures offered at our Tweed Heads denture clinic by clicking the button below. No need to feel overwhelmed by the range of choice.

Our prosthetists are heroes when it comes to sorting out your denture preferences and clinical needs. No longer do you have to put up with unsightly gaps in your smile. Take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation to discuss your partial denture options. See the table comparing acrylic partial dentures, Thermosens flexible partial dentures, Ezifit partial dentures, chrome cobalt partial dentures and finally Thermo-chrome hybrid partial dentures. Full chrome dentures are not classified as flexible dentures.

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A quick review of Thermosens denture technology features

  • Comfortable to wear
  • No monomers or acrylic so non allergenic
  • No metal clasps – almost invisible clasps created as part of the denture base
  • Lightweight in comparison – no volume shrinkage
  • 15 colours to choose from with exceptional colour stability
  • Humidity resistant
  • Strong and durable – virtually unbreakable base
  • Nonporous – more hygienic. Won’t absorb saliva or mouth bacteria
  • Easy to clean and stain resistant

Vertex, the creator of Thermosens technology, claims their product is superior to none for strength, comfort and aesthetics when it comes to flexible dentures. See the table for a comparison with another available flexible denture base option, Valplast. But like most things in life, no matter how good the flexible dentures are, they won’t suit everybody.

ThermoSens versus Valplast flexible dentures


ThermoSens denture base

Valplast denture base

Monomer-free and acrylic free Yes No
Non-Porous Yes No
Range of gum colours Yes No
Superior colour stability Yes No
Can be relined and added to Yes No
Virtually unbreakable Yes Yes

Flexible partial dentures pros and cons

It can be difficult trying to negotiate the flexible dentures pros and cons. Approaching the decision from whether you are a suitable candidate or not, can be useful.

While there are plenty of pros for flexible dentures like price, colour range and stability, less porosity so more hygienic and stain resistant, the cons depend on your suitability.

If all of your teeth are missing on either the top or bottom jaw, then flexible partial dentures are not for you. In this case you will need a full denture. Northern Rivers Denture Clinic does not recommend using flexible denture base materials to make full dentures. The flexible advantage is greatly diminished in a full denture and other issues can arise. We advise considering a full acrylic denture. While it's possible to do a denture reline on some flexible dentures, this is only achieved with acrylic material which renders them inflexible. 

Our dental prosthetist is happy to explain your suitability and the flexible dentures pros and cons during your free, first consultation.

Frequently asked questions

Flexible dentures are a good choice for patients wanting to replace a small amount teeth. However, they won’t suit everyone. To discuss your suitability for a flexible partial denture and the alternative options we offer, see our prosthetists for a free consultation.

Flexible partial dentures are very durable and less likely to break when dropped or trodden on than conventional partial dentures. ThermoSens partial dentures can last between 2-5 years.

While technically it is possible to make tooth additions to your flexible partial denture, much depends on the design of your particular flexible denture and whether or not it’s a clasped tooth you want added.

The flexi denture cost will be as individual as you are due to the customised nature of your choices and your clinical requirements. For an indication of flexible dentures cost see the table above.

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