Free denture health check

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic offers an annual denture health check completely free of charge for all new and existing patients.

One of our qualified prosthetists will conduct the check-up which takes approximately 15 minutes.

Please be aware an appointment is necessary for a free denture health check. Just give us a call and we will arrange an appointment at a time to suit you or book online.

Included in our check on your denture health:

  • A check on the structural integrity of your denture.
  • A check on the fit of the denture. If sore spots are detected, minor adjustments will be performed during this appointment.
  • An obligation-free quote is provided for any proposed treatment plans you may be prescribed.
  • A thorough examination of your oral health including your gums and oral tissues.

Why have annual health checks?

Regular annual checks can extend the life of your denture by detecting potential problems early so they can be dealt with before they become large, and possibly expensive problems.

What kind of problems might I encounter?

  • Cracks can be detected and repaired before the denture breaks
  • Regular checks assess fit and if necessary, your prosthetist might schedule denture relines. Poorly fitting dentures can not only compromise the structural integrity of your denture, but also cause sore spots and discomfort in your mouth
  • Anomalies caused by dental work on remaining natural teeth which may affect your denture’s fit
  • Having an annual denture check is a condition of your new denture warranty without which your warranty will be void

New patients welcome

Even if your denture was made elsewhere, we are happy to conduct a free denture check for you. The same free denture health check service applies if you are seeking a second opinion about your denture.

After your initial free check-up, we will send a yearly reminder by SMS or postcard

Call (07) 5536 4241

Free 30-minute Consultation

We believe in informed decisions. That's why we offer free 30-minute consultations to all our patients, new and existing. During this no-pressure appointment, we'll discuss your denture needs and goals, provide a personalised treatment plan and clear cost estimate, with no obligation to proceed. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered.

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