Need full or partial dentures Mullumbimby?

You may be new to dentures and wanting a full denture or even partial dentures. But you also want:

  • a wide choice of quality dentures
  • affordable prices
  • good professional advice
  • empathic support

The same applies too if you are a long-term denture wearer and need replacement dentures. Whatever your need, the Northern Rivers Denture Clinic team are ready to assist. Begin with a FREE consultation with our dental prosthetist who will help sort you out.

Denture clinic services for Mullumbimby

Want to save money on dentures Mullumbimby?

Many people identify with the ‘comfortable groove syndrome’. You know the one – staying with a familiar provider because they are, well, familiar? Or neglecting to look beyond our own neighbourhood for providers because you think it is more convenient to seek one closer to home.

But what if that complacency is costing you money?

This especially applies to small regional communities whose oral health providers often have no or little competition.

Consider the cost saving benefits for your dentures Mullumbimby

What if a little research before committing to your nearest provider could be financially beneficial for you? Weighing up the cost and inconvenience of travelling a little further than usual, can save you money – sometimes a considerable amount. Further, greater competition in more populous areas means providers try harder, often providing better service, better amenities.

Denture payment options

Our competitive pricing does not mean inferior quality or service. It is our mission to make dentures affordable for everyone. Even so, sometimes budgets are stretched too far. If this is the case for you, don’t despair. There are many available payment options we can help you with including interest-free denture payment plans.

We honour NSW Oral Health Fee for Service scheme dental vouchers, once you have been assessed by NSW health. We also service Veteran Affairs Gold Card holders.

The team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic strives to make excellent quality, well-fitting and affordable dentures available for everyone.

It’s easy travelling to Tweed Heads for dentures Mullumbimby

Northern Rivers Denture clinic is situated at 44A Wharf Street Tweed Heads. The trip by private car takes just 41 minutes to travel the 52 kilometres up the highway to Tweed Heads.

For those without private transport, the NSW TrainLink bus service leaves from Mullumbimby station/coach stop and arrives in Tweed Heads just over 1 hour later. From there it is a short walk south just beyond the Tweed Mall to our clinic at 44A Wharf Street. Typically, there are 14 buses a week. To plan your trip, visit here.

FREE consultations for your dentures Mullumbimby

The good news is, while some denture clinics charge for every consultation, Northern Rivers Denture clinic does not.

That’s right! No consultation charge! Ever!

Each consultation you have with us is not only completely free of charge, but also without any obligation should you not wish to proceed for whatever reason.

During your FREE 30-minute consultation, our highly regarded prosthetist will answer your questions, give professional advice, compile a treatment plan and provide a quote - all free of charge. Why not take the opportunity to meet our team? You may find in addition to saving you money, we are the solution to all your denture needs. And what about services? Northern Rivers Denture Clinic’s in-house, modern laboratory ensures fast service at an affordable price.

Perhaps you need denture repairs Mullumbimby?

If you are looking for a reliable, fast and reasonably priced denture repair, or even a tooth addition, Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is here to assist. We know how devastating breaking a denture can be. That is why we prioritise repairs and depending on the degree of damage, make every endeavour to restore your smile on the same day.

Maybe you’re seeking a denture reline Mullumbimby?

Regular denture maintenance not only ensures better denture longevity but also monitors your oral health. We recommend an annual denture health check to monitor fit and comfort. A timely denture reline can restore both.

Do you need a dental prosthetist or dentist Mullumbimby?

Your dentist and dental prosthetist serve different roles in preserving your oral health and appearance. While a dentist or oral surgeon may be essential if you have some remaining natural teeth, your dental prosthetist designs, crafts and fits your dental prostheses or dentures. Occasionally the two will collaborate when teeth are being extracted and replaced by a denture, such is the case with immediate dentures. If you do not have any natural teeth, it makes sense to consult solely with your dental prosthetist and eliminate the potential extra cost incurred by unnecessary layers of professional expertise.

Interest free denture payment plans

Clarifying the Northern Rivers Denture Clinic name confusion

Senior dental prosthetist Paul Hargrave, of the original Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, has been serving the Northern Rivers region from our Tweed Heads location for over 40 years.

*Please note: we have no affiliation with other denture clinics in the Northern Rivers region.

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We are proud to offer you an attractive, affordable, and professional denture solution.

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Free 30-minute Consultation

We believe in informed decisions. That's why we offer free 30-minute consultations to all our patients, new and existing. During this no-pressure appointment, we'll discuss your denture needs and goals, provide a personalised treatment plan and clear cost estimate, with no obligation to proceed. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered.

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