What are full dentures?

Full dentures, otherwise known as complete dentures, or even false teeth, are removable, prosthetic devices simulating, and replacing, both top and bottom natural teeth.

Whether your natural teeth have been lost or extracted due to accident, or because of illness or gum disease, full dentures can be custom-crafted to replace them.

The loss of your natural teeth can seem devastating no matter the age you are. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are effective alternatives to remaining ‘gummy’. For those of you who have lost all your natural teeth, full dentures can be custom-made to replace them. Advancing technology ensures your full dentures are natural looking and often more attractive than the natural teeth they replace. It might surprise you how many of the people you know wear full dentures undetected. Next time you admire a beautiful smile, consider the possibility it may be a custom-made one.

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How much do full dentures cost?

The price of full dentures will be as individual as you are. For a comprehensive quote tailored to your unique needs, call for a free consultation or use our online request a quote form.

What types of full dentures are there?

The types of full dentures available to you can depend on your unique circumstances, including your preferred aesthetic, how much you wish to pay, and the kinds of denture components most suitable for your facial structure and mouth anatomy. Here at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic you can rely on our oral health professionals to advise you on all of these aspects.

Standard Full Denture

Budget Full Denture

  • Standard acrylic
  • Good tooth quality - Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Heat cure compression processing system
  • Most affordable

From $1,450

or $29 /fortnight*

*24 month interest free payment plan
with National Denture Plan

Custom Full Denture

Standard Full Denture

  • High impact acrylic
  • Better tooth quality - Vitapan Plus
  • Heat cure compression processing system
  • Customised tooth arrangement

Premium Full Denture

Premium Full Denture

  • High impact acrylic
  • Best tooth quality - Vita Physiodens
  • Ivoclar Ivobase Injection system
  • Customised tooth arrangement
  • Unmatched fit, comfort, and security
  • Material is lightweight and odor resistant
  • Highly personalised

Other types of full dentures: Dental Implants

In addition to conventional dentures like acrylic dentures, and chrome cobalt dentures, implant retained dentures also known as denture retained implants or simply denture implants, offer an effective natural tooth replacement option.  These are removeable dentures secured in the mouth by surgically implanted posts.  Implant retained dentures are available as full dentures or as partial dentures. Visit our implant retained denture page for information on dental implant cost, options, and procedures.

What is a full set of dentures?

A full set of dentures replaces both upper and lower teeth. However, depending on your circumstances, you may need either a full upper denture or a full lower denture.

What is a full upper denture?

A full upper denture reflects the shape of your unique dental arch. The covered upper palate structure strengthens the device, creating the suction required to keep the denture firmly in place. This is an important factor since good suction enables easy biting and chewing and allows you to talk confidently without fear of your dentures shifting in your mouth, or in worse case scenarios, falling out.

What are full lower dentures?

A full lower denture, while also mimicking your dental arch, is u-shaped to accommodate the tongue and salivary glands. While there may be less suction with lower dentures, a well-made and snug-fitting full lower denture can be worn with confidence.

Interest free denture payment plans

Before and after comparison of complete dentures

Before and after comparison of this patient’s full standard upper and lower dentures. The patient requested Vitapan Physiodens 3D teeth in shade ‘A1’. We matched the shape of the teeth with the patient’s facial shape and the natural anatomical shape of the mouth. It’s a great outcome with a beautiful smile!

How does my full denture stay in?

A full denture relies on natural suction and facial muscles to stay in place. Some people have better suction than others due to oral anatomy and saliva production. A well-made and snug-fitting denture will be stable in the mouth and fit properly.

How long does it take to make full dentures?

Generally, you will require four appointments over a three week period. If you have special requirements it could take a little longer.

What happens once I’ve decided on a full denture?

The first step in getting complete dentures is to make an appointment with one of our prosthetists, at our Tweed Heads denture clinic. Your first consultation with us is completely free and without obligation. We believe it’s essential to a successful outcome for you to get to know the people you will be working with and who will be making your dental plate.

We understand the personal nature of getting a new denture and know how important it is for you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of clinic. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring along photos of yourself with natural teeth. Our dental prosthetist will discuss your expectations about the appearance of your new dentures during your first consultation. We encourage you to explore our large sample display for an idea of replacement options and how they will look. We will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and schedule of appointments, so you can plan ahead.

The procedure

If tooth removal is necessary, this may take place prior to your first visit with us. In this case, your dentist and our prosthetist will determine whether your denture will be needed immediately after extraction (an immediate denture), or after the gum tissue has healed.

Subsequent appointments with our prosthetist will involve taking impressions. This process involves your prosthetist inserting special trays filled with a malleable material into your mouth to create a mold of your mouth’s anatomy. We determine your ‘bite registration’ using a wax block. An accurate bite registration is crucial to a well-fitting denture because it ensures a good base from which to craft your denture. You will discuss your choice of teeth shape and colour with your prosthetist at this stage.

We will then schedule an appointment for a ‘try-in’. Your prosthetist places a wax model of your denture, complete with teeth in your mouth to check for fit and appearance. This will give you a good idea of how your new dentures will look. Perhaps a close friend or family member can be present for support at this try-in stage.

During the final appointment, your prosthetist will fit your new denture, and advise you on its care.

How can I be sure I’ll get good dentures?

Getting successful dentures is a collaborative effort. Having your dental prosthetist evaluate and then custom-make a full denture to your unique specifications, plays a large part in how successful your dentures will be. Your prosthetist will work with you toward the optimal outcome. But as the patient, your commitment to making dentures work is also crucial. This will require your patience, and sometimes your perseverance. While your prosthetist will provide understanding, advice, and adjustments should they be needed.

Troubleshooting my complete dentures

It’s important to remember that you and your dental prosthetist share a common goal of making your transition to complete dentures a smooth and successful one. The reputation of our denture clinic depends on it.

Frequently asked questions

A full denture is a customised, removable replacement for teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or both, which have been lost due to accident or ill health, or extracted because of gum disease.

The cost of dentures top and bottom is governed by the customisation and materials chosen. Full upper OR lower dentures range from $1250 upwards, while a complete denture, both upper and lower, ranges from $2400 upwards. Prices are subject to change.

Full dentures are needed when a patient has to replace all their natural teeth. Partial dentures address the issue of a few missing teeth. Which option is right for you depends on how many teeth have been removed or lost. Seeking to minimise costs by trying to preserve un-viable natural teeth to get a less expensive partial denture, may be false economy.

Your full denture is secured by a combination of your facial muscles and natural suction created by the denture connecting to your moist mouth tissue. Since factors such as oral anatomy and saliva production vary with the individual, so too, does the degree of suction vary. However, having a well-made, well fitted denture increases its stability in the mouth and the likelihood of a successful transition to denture wearing.

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