Need to know what options you have for dentures Cabarita residents?

As a Cabarita resident you have two options when seeking dentures. Firstly, you can visit a denture clinic in neighbouring suburb, or secondly, you can consult your local dentist. The following explores some of the pros and cons for these two options.

You may like to consider factors like the distance you need to travel to get your dentures and how you might get there. Perhaps traveling a little further will be balanced by other benefits. This could include denture cost which is always an important factor because getting a price to fit your budget is vital. There are also considerable advantages in dealing firsthand with the person who is crafting your denture. Lastly, you will want to be reassured by knowing where your dentures are made, and that all materials and work is overseen by Australian regulatory bodies.

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Your Cabarita denture clinic in Tweed Heads

Distance and mode of travel

Travel to Northern Rivers Denture Clinic Tweed Heads is easy. In the absence of their own denture clinic Cabarita denture wearers are among our loyal and longstanding patients, benefiting from our great service and quality handmade dentures.

The Surfside bus (line 603) leaves Cabarita hourly and takes just 37 minutes to travel the 22 kms to Tweed Heads. The cost is $5-$8, while concession card holders pay half.

Travel by private car takes even less time, travelling the 19.7 kms up the M1 in 18 minutes. On-street parking at 48 Wharf Street Tweed Heads, directly out the front of our clinic is free. For those patients on walkers, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, our street level clinic makes for easy accessibility.

Like to pay less for dentures Cabarita residents?

According to an informal denture price survey conducted in 2019, Northern Rivers Denture Clinic was less expensive, or as cheap as other denture clinics in the Tweed region, while dentures purchased through dentists proved to be more expensive.

Dentists generally do not have their own dental technicians and onsite laboratories. This means they must send their denture work to independent laboratories outsidet. In some cases, even sending the work overseas to remain cost competitive. Some people are unaware that overseas laboratories are not subject to the same government regulatory standards as those in Australia when it comes to work standards and the quality and safety of materials used.

Further, adjustments and repairs can be problematic with dentures made overseas. Sometimes, cheaper isn’t always better, especially if you need repairs to your overseas-made denture which can be costly, unsuccessful, or even impossible, resulting in having to get new dentures made.

Payment options for dentures Cabarita residents will love

  • Our online HICAPS facility can process your private health fund rebates on the spot.
  • Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is an authorised Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card provider.
  • We also accept NSW Health dental vouchers.
  • Ask us about no-interest payment plans for your convenience.
  • Free no-obligation consultations which gives you the opportunity to get to know us

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Knowing your dental prosthetist and why that's important

Aside from the issues discussed above, there are distinct advantages to you for developing a working relationship with the person who will make, fit and maintain your denture.

Replacing your natural teeth with dentures is a very personal experience requiring the right support and advice from competent oral health professionals. You need someone you can trust to give you the correct information. Someone who will listen to what you are experiencing and even more, listen to, and enact upon what you want of your denture experience. We at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, understand this and welcome to opportunity to exceed your expectations.

In short, successful denture wearers have a good working relationship with their prosthetist and denture clinic. While you may also have a good relationship with your dentist, it is less than ideal dealing with a ‘middleman’ when it comes to something as crucial to you and your lifestyle, as your dentures.

Why not take advantage of our free consultation to get to know who you will entrust with your best asset – your smile.

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Free 30-minute Consultation

We believe in informed decisions. That's why we offer free 30-minute consultations to all our patients, new and existing. During this no-pressure appointment, we'll discuss your denture needs and goals, provide a personalised treatment plan and clear cost estimate, with no obligation to proceed. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered.

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