Denture repair near me?

When you need an urgent denture repair, we can help at our Tweed Heads denture clinic! Breaking a denture doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. The first thing you want to know is can your denture be repaired, followed quickly by, how long will the repair take and how much will it cost? Read on for answers to your dilemma.

Denture repair Tweed Heads

Emergency denture repair for all types of dentures

No appointment is necessary for an emergency denture repair. Bring your denture to our Tweed Heads denture clinic where we will assess the damage and advise if your denture is repairable, how long the repairs will take, and how much the repair will cost. This applies to full dentures as well as partial denture repair. The assessment is without obligation to you.

Same day service for cracked and broken dentures

We offer a same day repair service for simple repairs like denture cracks or broken dentures . A simple repair depends on whether the break is clean, and if the broken pieces fit neatly back together. If this is the case, your repair can be done without the need for taking impressions.

If your breakage fits these criteria, you could have your denture returned to you on the same day, or in as little as 4 hours, dependent on the damage. However, if there are acrylic or metal clasp breaks, or the false tooth adjacent to a natural tooth has broken off your partial denture, impressions will be needed, and for this you will need to schedule an appointment.

How much does a denture repair cost?

Denture repair costs begin at $120, and depending on the damage sustained, may alter accordingly. Additional costs will apply if replacement clasps or a tooth are required. If you have attempted home repair, then there would be an additional fee for removing the glue build-up. Some more complex repairs may require impressions to be taken, in which case extra costs would also apply.

However, accidents aren’t called accidents because we plan for them. There are a range of payment options available if you don’t have ready cash for your denture repair. Some home contents insurance policies may cover items like broken denture repairs. Find out more about our denture repair prices today by filling in our contact form.

Denture repair prices

Item # Denture Repair Type Cost Afterpay
763 Repair broken base on a complete denture $120 or $30 p/fn*
764 Repair broken base on a partial denture $120 or $30 p/fn*
765 Replace tooth on complete or partial denture (lost tooth) $140 or $35 p/fn*
766 Reattach pre-existing tooth $120 or $30 p/fn*

*With Afterpay you can have your denture repaired today, and pay in four equal installments, interest-free.

Interest free denture payment plans


Types of repairs at our Tweed Heads denture clinic

Whether you need repair for full dentures or partial dentures we can assist in a cost effective and timely manner. See below for a quick and easy list of the type of repairs we can assist with.

  • If your acrylic denture base cracks, chips, or breaks
  • If your acrylic denture fractures or breaks in half
  • If you have a chipped tooth on denture
  • If a tooth falls off your denture
  • If a metal clasp breaks off your partial denture
  • If a cobalt clasp breaks off your denture
  • If the acrylic base and tooth breaks from your denture

Cobalt chrome partial denture repair

The metal composition of the chrome denture excludes it from same day service. Repairs involve re-welding in a specialist chrome laboratory. Depending on the repairs required, this can take up to 3-5 working days. Get in contact with our Tweed Heads denture clinic for our denture repair prices.

Repair of bad fitting dentures

Perhaps you are suffering with loose or badly fitting dentures. Our dental prosthetist can help by doing a denture reline for you. Relining your denture seals off gaps between your denture and the fitting surface on which it rests, restoring the fit, stability, and comfort you had when it was new. A reline of the top denture also improves suction. Cracked or broken dentures are more likely to result if your dentures are loose, because of the uneven pressure when eating and chewing.

What if my broken denture repair is more complex?

Depending on the degree of damage, most dentures are repairable with the exception of those constructed with thermoplastic materials such as Valplast. Thermosens dentures are repairable but rarely break.

Of course, if your dog has chewed your dentures beyond recognition, or if you have dropped them and they shattered, then new ones may be in order.

Whenever impressions are needed for broken dentures, appointments must be scheduled.

Which is the best denture clinic for repairs near me?

The team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic at Tweed Heads, has been looking after general and emergency denture repairs for over 30 years. We are your ‘go to’ denture repair clinic for Banora Point, kingscliff, Tweed Heads South, Pottsville and Coolangatta patients. Give us a call or drop in. We are happy to help with any questions you have.

What about having your dentist repair your denture?

When you take your denture to a dentist for repair, they will send it to a dental laboratory like Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, since dentists rarely have on-site laboratories. This is a more time consuming and less cost effective way to get your denture repaired.

Attempting emergency repairs at home

A word of warning about DIY denture repairs and why we deem denture repair kits unsafe.

You may be tempted to try repairing your denture at home, reasoning it will be quicker and less expensive – just a tube of superglue, right? Please do not endanger your health and your denture by going down that path for the following reasons.

The materials from which your denture was made are temperature-sensitive and applied in a controlled, highly regulated dental laboratory by qualified technicians. Denture repairs are made with those original materials in the same exacting environment. A hydro flask is used to cure the denture repair, ensuring the finished result isn’t porous. This is a crucial point because porosity, or tiny holes in the repaired base material, can collect and harbour dangerous bacteria. Further, after curing, your repaired denture may need milling, after which it’s polished, restoring the original fit and appearance. This is not a result you can achieve at home.

Use of household or super glues not only damage your denture, they endanger your health and fail to produce effective results.

Super glue is not made for human consumption and contains toxic substances that can be absorbed into your blood stream through the soft mouth tissues, seriously jeopardising your health.

Super glue can also damage the acrylic surface of your denture, causing a build-up which may render the denture irreparable at worst, or at best make it difficult, time consuming and costly to remove, so a proper repair can be done.

Any denture misalignment caused by home repairs can result in a poor fitting denture, sore spots and irritation of your mouth and gums.

Denture repair

No appointment needed for simple denture repairs

Frequently asked questions

Denture repairs cost range from $120 upwards depending on the nature of the damage and the type and composition of your denture. If the damage sustained requires you to have impressions taken, or clasps or teeth replaced, you can expect an additional cost. We offer a no cost, no obligation assessment of your broken denture.

How long you can expect your denture repair to last depends on factors like the original condition of your dentures, their age, the denture’s composition, and the nature of the denture repair. We do not give guarantees for denture repairs because of these multiple uncertainties, Generally, you can be reassured the denture repair site will be stronger than the rest of the denture.

Denture repairs include cracked dentures or broken dentures, missing or chipped tooth, and missing or bent clasps. Bad fitting dentures can be relined to restore fit and comfort.

Dentures that have broken in half can be repaired if the edges of the break are clean and the two halves fit neatly back together. The broken denture cannot be otherwise warped or distorted.

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