Which denture brush is best for me?

Denture Brush

The choices we have when purchasing anything from joggers to denture brushes can seem overwhelming. How to choose the right denture brush? Where do you begin? The first step is to recognise that a denture toothbrush is quite different from one used for natural teeth. It’s a specialised toothbrush specifically designed for cleaning false teeth or dentures. Manufacturers of denture brushes claim superiority for their own product and denture clinics may have reason to promote certain brands. So, to assist you in making a choice, here is a nonbiased review of the types of toothbrushes available, and the expert advice on their features and application.

Why bother with a denture cleaning brush when I already have a regular toothbrush?

Especially for those who still have some remaining natural teeth, it may seem a lot of bother to use a denture brush as well as a regular toothbrush. There are good reasons avoiding this misstep. Firstly, the bristles on a normal toothbrush are far too harsh to use on the delicate surface of your denture. The scratches or grooves caused if you brush too vigorously are a perfect place for bad bacteria to lurk, putting your oral health and the longevity of your denture at risk. Secondly, a normal toothbrush doesn’t have the specially designed heads to ensure a thorough clean.

What is a denture brush?

But first, let’s clarify what a denture brush is. A denture toothbrush is designed specifically for maintaining dentures without damaging them. The denture brush only resembles a regular toothbrush by having bristles and a handle. Beyond those shared characteristics, the two are quite different.

The denture brush bristles

Your denture is delicate and often includes materials like acrylic or plastic in its base which can easily be scratched. Therefore, the bristles on a denture brush are softer than a regular toothbrush to avoid creating scratches or grooves which can spoil the aesthetic qualities of your denture but more importantly damage the surface allowing harmful bacteria to take up residence on the abraded surface.

The denture brush handle

Again, the design of denture brushes is specialised for the purpose of making thorough cleaning safe and easy. The handle on a denture toothbrush is ergonomically fashioned to allow for easy manipulation as you guide the bristles into all the crooks and crevasses to ensure thorough cleaning. Some brands have given design consideration to those denture wearers with reduced dexterity by including a larger, easier to grip handle for more control.

The denture brush double head

In addition to the larger flat toothbrush head, the denture brush also has a smaller head with angled bristles on its flip side. The flat brush is for use on the smooth areas of the denture while the angled brush can address more difficult to reach areas of your denture around the clasps and in the groove behind the teeth.

Each of these features is designed to preserve the surface integrity of your denture, thereby ensuring a longer denture life, in addition to affording optimal cleaning power. Why do clean dentures matter so much? Clean, properly maintained dentures reduce the possibility of harbouring bad bacteria which are detrimental to your overall health and also cause bad breath.

What should I consider when choosing a denture brush?

  • A brush to fit your particular needs – smaller for partial denture or small hands, and larger for bigger hands and a full denture for example.
  • Does the handle make it easy for you to reach all the corners?
  • Value for money – there is a considerable price range for denture brushes Australia but cheapest or most expensive isn’t always the best choice.
  • Environmental considerations – toothbrushes with bamboo and recyclable handles are available

What if I have remaining natural teeth?

After removing your denture for soaking and cleaning it’s important to take proper care of your natural teeth using a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Even if you have no remaining natural teeth, using a regular toothbrush to massage your gums, clean your tongue and the roof of your mouth should be a part of your oral hygiene practice to maintain good oral health and prevent gum disease.

Can I brush dentures with regular toothpaste?

A word of caution: never use ordinary toothpaste on your denture. It is too abrasive and will damage the denture. Ask your prosthetist or pharmacist to recommend a cleaner especially formulated for cleaning dentures safely. Avoid vigorous brushing. Use a gentle circular motion instead to brush your denture, rinsing off in tepid water (avoid hot water which can cause the denture to warp). Make this a twice daily routine. See here for the correct cleaning regime. A soft hand towel placed in your hand basin will prevent breakage if you accidentally drop them. Don’t be tempted to use your electric toothbrush on your dentures. The rapid rotations and vibration may cause your delicate denture damage.

When my denture brush just doesn’t do the job

Over time scale builds up on your denture just as it does on normal teeth. Coffee and wine stains may have dulled your sparkling smile. This means it’s time to visit your denture clinic for a professional clean.

In Summary

Choosing the right toothbrush for your dentures will ensure they are easily and properly maintained, and your oral health is safeguarded. There is less likelihood of damage to your denture if you use the right brush and denture cleaner and a regular cleaning regime will extend the life of your denture and protect your valuable asset.

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