How much do dentures cost with extractions in 2024?

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Where to begin finding out how much dentures cost with extractions in 2024? A simple question on the face of it – right? It may appear to be the case until you stop to contemplate the many factors you must consider which influence cost.

It’s likely you will need to consult more than one oral professional. Your initial consultation will be with your dentist who will consider your medical history, take x-rays, advise you on the state of your dental health, like how many teeth should be removed, and determine whether you need to see an oral health specialist like a dental surgeon, for example. If a general anaesthetic is required, or if there are clinical complexities like root and jawbone involvement, your dentist will hand you over to the appropriate dental specialty. Other considerations are number of teeth to be removed, your general health status, the type of denture you want and can afford, whether to have immediate dentures, or wait for your mouth to heal to get a permanent denture. Any additional therapeutic treatments you may require will also have to be factored in. But you’ve landed on this page for an idea of the dollar outlay, so read on for some rough estimations.

Cost estimations on dentures with extractions

The cost of tooth extractions will vary for a variety of reasons. These include your unique clinical needs, the level of specialisation of the oral health provider who does your work, the location in which you live and whether you have health insurance. Inner city specialists tend to charge more than suburban clinics for example. Prices will also differ according to the state you live in. The cost of the denture will vary for the same reasons, together with the type of denture you choose. Therapeutic treatments if needed, will be an additional cost. A general ballpark figure follows:

Who do I choose: dentist or dental prosthetist?

In some cases, after establishing the need to extract teeth, your dentist may suggest taking impressions of your mouth in readiness for your denture, then elect to send them to a denture technician for manufacture. Keep in mind, any denture will require ongoing maintenance so you must decide whether you want to negotiate this through a second party – your dentist, possibly incurring additional cost – or deal directly with the oral health practitioner who makes, fits, and will maintain your denture into the future. Should you to decide to have a dental prosthetist make and fit your denture but you also need extractions, it is a perfectly normal practice for your dentist to work collaboratively with your dental prosthetist, especially when an immediate denture is fitted just after your teeth are extracted.

Should you have immediate or permanent dentures?

There are pros and cons for both options which your oral health providers will be happy to discuss with you.

Immediate dentures

As the name suggests, an immediate denture is fitted on the same day your extractions take place. This means you are not without teeth and in addition, the denture limits swelling and assists in the healing process. Because preparations for the manufacture of your denture take place before your teeth are removed, your dental prosthetist can more closely match the colour and shape of your natural teeth. However, an immediate denture will need to be replaced sooner than a permanent denture because during the healing period your mouth changes, gums shrink, and you will experience bone loss. A denture reline can restore the immediate denture’s fit in the short term. The immediate denture lifespan is between 18 months to two years depending on the individual after which you will need a permanent denture.

Permanent dentures

Permanent dentures are fitted after the swelling of your oral tissues has subsided and your mouth’s healing has completed. This can take up to 12 weeks during which time you will be without teeth and must exist on soft food options. Depending on the type of denture and the materials from which it is made, a permanent denture can last between 7 to 10 years and even up to 20 years for a cobalt chrome denture for example, depending on the individual, the materials chosen with which to construct the denture and how well the denture is maintained. Impressions for the denture cannot be taken until healing has taken place.

So you see, having teeth extracted and being fitted with a denture will be an experience unique to you.

What you need to do first:

  • Understand that having extractions in preparation for a denture will take a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Not be pressed into making on the spot decisions. Make no mistake, having teeth extractions especially for full dentures, will require a life adjustment on your part. This is not so much the case when it is just one or a few teeth for a partial denture.
  • If possible, get more than one quote for the work you need.
  • Decide, based on the advice you gather, whether you will have your dentist oversee the making and fitting of your denture or alternatively, have your dental prosthetist make your denture working in collaboration with your dentist. Do not hesitate to get a second opinion.
  • Consider the suggestions made on the type of denture to choose. This will be based on how you want your smile to look, what your budget dictates and the level of function and longevity you expect from your denture. Taking a trusted friend along for the initial consultation to help you decide is a good idea.

How long will it take?

Having extractions and then a denture fitted can be a prolonged process sometimes twelve weeks or more depending on your choice of whether to have an immediate or permanent denture. Each step is an important one on your journey to new teeth. Make choices carefully without rushing into any decisions. Far better to get it right the first time.

Financial tips

Try to buy the very best denture you can afford. This also applies to choosing your oral health professionals. A denture is an investment in your quality of life. Unlike the new clothes you wanted or that holiday to Spain, the decisions you make about your denture will be with you every day for the life of your denture. If your budget is stretched, there are ‘buy now pay later’ schemes available for you to pay off your denture.

A final word on how much dentures cost with extractions

Finding out how much dentures cost with extractions can be time-consuming because each patient’s clinical status, financial circumstances and personal expectations are unique to them. Cost is a big factor in choosing a denture however, there are things you can do to wrest back control of your finances even when your budget protests. Gathering as much information as you can about your tooth extraction procedure and choosing carefully which denture is best for you with an eye to the future, will pay off in the long run. Your new denture is an investment in not just your quality of life, but also your health, so forward planning is essential.

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