Missing tooth? A former gap-toother’s Ezifit solution

Who would have thought the Ezifit Denture was such an easy solution to my problem of a missing tooth?

Having a full set of natural teeth has always been really important to me, so you can imagine how upset I was to become a “gap-toother”. I discussed options with my dentist and turned to the internet for more information. I discovered that denture solutions are as unique as the people who need them. What suits one will not suit another. In my case, a unilateral solution was required and these were the options:

An implant?

These are small titanium posts that are used to replace the original tooth root in your mouth where the teeth are missing. The post actually becomes a part of your jaw. Not for me. I couldn’t bear the thought of all that work which can take from two to nine months . Besides when I researched the process the prospect of failure frightened me. What if I wasn’t an ideal candidate? And then there was the considerable expense. A quick check of dentists offering this procedure revealed costs of around $4569.00 for a single tooth implant.

A dental bridge?

This is a viable option for some. But for me, fitting this prosthetic device seemed to be a long drawn out procedure. A reshaping of adjacent teeth, including removing the enamel then fitting crowns, is necessary to secure the bridge with the new tooth attached.

A single tooth on a plate perhaps?
Not that either. The thought of all those wires and foreign material in my mouth was the clincher against this solution for me.

Do nothing at all?

Mmm, that thought was appealing. The gap caused by the missing tooth was toward the back and could only be noticed when I smiled broadly. Smile less perhaps or from behind my hand? Shock horror! I simply didn’t want to have to think about that option. Besides, according to one website, it seems ‘gaps left by missing teeth eventually cause the remaining teeth to rotate or shift into the empty spaces, resulting in a bad bite. The imbalance caused by missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.’

While mulling over the options, I began to notice many people of all ages, had this very same issue – one single missing tooth marring otherwise lovely smiles. I faced the mirror bravely, smiled from different angles. Nup! Something simply had to be done.

Then, when discussing the problem with a friend in the know, I discovered the Ezifit denture using the Thermosens process.

Could the solution to my gap-toothed smile be this easy?

My research revealed that these ingenious little devices are practically unbreakable. They do not fill your mouth with food-catching materials; they are monomer and acrylic free, natural looking and colour fast. Don’t worry if you have more than one tooth missing, Thermosens devices are not limited to a single tooth. What’s more, the time to get one fitted is minimal. Depending on individual circumstances, it takes between two to four brief visits to complete the exercise. My full smile was restored in just two visits!

Without The Ezifit Denture

With The Ezifit Denture

So, where do you get one?

Well, after a free consultation to determine if I was a suitable candidate, I got mine from Northern Rivers Denture Clinic and I’m delighted. I’ve had my Ezifit denture for close to two years now. It was a perfect fit from day one but I was assured that if I had concerns Dr Paul would be happy to address them.

I’ve left it in day and night, removing it only to clean my teeth. It pops out easily for cleaning but is secure and tight when chewing, even the nuts that I love. After dropping my Ezifit denture and then standing on it one day while cleaning it, I expected it would be shattered. A quick inspection, to my relief, found it perfectly undamaged.

And I can smile with confidence again!

Just clicks into place. Easy!

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