What is the process of getting dentures?

Knowing what to expect when getting a denture, helps alleviate any concerns you may have. Be reassured: never before has dental technology been so good, nor the expertise so advanced. You will join the millions of people who have successfully adapted to life with dentures.

The Procedure

The removal of teeth is often a precursor to getting a denture. If this is the case, your prosthetist may refer you to a dentist of your choice to advise you on the process. If you have decided on an immediate denture, that is, one fitted immediately upon removal of teeth, then arrangements can be made to have a denture made ready for immediate fitting after your teeth extraction. Depending on the individual, the process of getting a denture will take between four to five visits over a period of three to six weeks. The team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic will reserve these appointments in advance for you, to best suit your schedule. See below for a typical schedule of appointments to give you some idea of what to expect.

The first appointment - preliminary impressions

The first consultation with your prosthetist is an important one and will usually take about 30 minutes. Your prosthetist will examine your mouth and discuss how you want your new denture to look and feel. Impressions or molds of your mouth will be taken so a special impression tray can be made to custom fit your mouth. You will be given expert advice on choices of teeth and materials to best suit your needs and your budget.

Taking along a family member or friend for support and perhaps some photos of yourself with natural teeth can assist your prosthetist to ensure the dentures look as close to your former self as possible.

Because we understand there is a great deal of information to take in during this initial consultation, we give you a treatment plan detailing the process and consultation sequence. If you have chosen to have a denture fitted immediately after your teeth are removed, arrangements will be made at this appointment.

The second appointment - secondary impression with special trays and bite registration

On your second appointment which typically takes 30- 40 minutes, secondary impressions will be taken using the custom-made ‘special trays’ to obtain the exact anatomy of your mouth. A wax bite is also taken to determine the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. From these, a trial denture made from wax is crafted to replicate the exact shape and positioning of the finished dentures. Your prosthetist will advise and help you choose the colour and quality of the teeth for your new denture.

There is no need to think dentures look artificial anymore. Sometimes they are an aesthetic improvement on your own teeth. Improved technology now means false teeth effectively mimic natural teeth with striations and edge translucence for a natural 3D effect.

The third appointment - Try-in of denture

This consultation is called the ‘try-in’ and will take approximately 20 minutes. The trial, wax-based dentures are tried in your mouth to assess shape, fit, colour and appearance before a mould for the final denture is crafted. It is essential any concerns or changes you may require to the denture set up, tooth shade or shape be raised, discussed and addressed at this stage before committing to the final denture.

The Fourth Appointment – It is time to collect your new teeth!

It is quite common for dentures to feel strange at first as your mouth, tongue and facial muscles adapt. While it’s different for everyone, some people may feel as though they have a mouthful, finding speech or eating a little different than before, but this resolves over a period of a few weeks. Sore spots may appear in some people but are easily eased with small adjustments to the fit.

If you have opted for an immediate denture, you will need to collect your new denture before you have your teeth extracted.

Subsequent appointments

While sore spots are not always the case, sometimes minor adjustments are needed to give you maximum comfort and fit. This is all part of the service and original cost. The team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic will give you tips on how to care for your denture and make follow up appointments to keep you in top smiling shape. We will soon have you eating and looking your best again.

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