White, Bright Smiles: how to keep your dentures sparkling

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been disappointed that your smile isn’t quite as sparkling bright as it used to be? Judging by the amount of advice offered on the internet, you’re not the only one.

But wouldn’t you rather have the advice of someone who’s been making and fitting dentures for over thirty years?

Advice from the experts

Dr Paul is the consummate professional when it comes to dentures. He has seen the results of questionable cleaning practices on dentures and the damage they cause. He suggests a few simple steps to keeping your smile sparkling white. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Harsh treatment of your dentures increases the rough surface area and the number of scratches allowing accumulation of bad bacteria and formation of dental calculi on the dentures. Not only does this cause the whiteness and shine to disappear, but mouth irritation and bad breath may also result (ref). Even worse, you’ll need a new denture much sooner!

Cleaning is key to a white, bright smile

  • Regular cleaning with a soft bristle brush and Australian pure soap, effectively cleans the denture and helps avoid stain build up
  • Avoid abrasives like normal toothpaste or other household cleaners which can erode or scratch the denture
  • Soaking overnight with a denture tablet or white vinegar will help to maintain  the sparkle while minimising any damage to the denture
  • Be sure to hold the denture low in the sink over a face-washer to avoid breaking it in case it should slip from your fingers.

A clean denture is a healthy denture

So, it’s not just about maintaining our good looks. We want to look after our hygiene too – right? There is evidence that denture hygiene affects nutrition, cognitive and physical function, general well-being, and even survival. Research has shown that overnight immersion with either a cleansing tablet (ref), or water and white vinegar is the most effective method and is further assisted by gentle brushing. This minimises damage to the denture surface and sanitises at the same time.

So remember, for white, bright smiles:

  • Do not use household cleaners
  • Do not clean with normal toothpaste or stiff bristles
  • Avoid attempting to sanitise your denture with bleach or disinfectants
  • And on no account, attempt to disinfect with boiling water. Distortion will result.

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