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Denture support Australia

So, you have questions about your denture, but not the kind you necessarily want to discuss with your dental prosthetist or dentist, no matter how empathic she or he seems? Where do you turn? Why the internet of course! Social media and Mr Google are popular sources of information these days. But when I did a search for denture support groups, the only ones to surface were from places other than Australia.

But not anymore!

Australian made

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Now we have our own support group for denture wearers. An Australian one for Aussie denture wearers. Why is that important?

It’s relevant because different regions of the world have different ways of doing things. There are different protocols of manufacture, different demographics needing dentures, different available products for patients and different cultural expectations when it comes to appearance, diet, performance, and maintenance. These factors can change depending on which part of the globe you live in.

Need to ask a sensitive question?

The Facebook group Denture Support Australia is a wonderful place to start when you need to ask those sensitive questions, or if you just want to reach out to others like you. No one needs to know who you are as this is a ‘private group’. Other members of the group can offer advice, share stories, share how they feel about wearing dentures. No one is excluded from the group which means denture professionals can also have input.

New denture wearer

Perhaps you’re a new wearer or about to become one. Encouragement from others who have walked the same path can be very helpful as you adjust to the change. Have a question about how to tell your new boyfriend you wear dentures? Pose this dilemma to the group forum and be surprised by the support offered.

Can you help someone?

As you can see, I’m a great advocate for online support groups. Especially when the issues you need advice on, are a little sensitive for some to discuss face to face. But even if you are perfectly comfortable with the fact of wearing dentures, check out the group. Who knows? You may be able to help someone else.

Denture Support Australia

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