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Are you a Tweed Heads South denture wearer looking for replacement dentures, a denture reline, or a rapid denture repair? Or perhaps this is your first experience of dentures and you’re researching your options. Whether you need full dentures or just partial dentures, Northern Rivers Denture Clinic can help.

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Many of our patients live in the Tweed Heads South region. Their loyalty to Northern Rivers Denture Clinic over the years speaks to the esteem in which we are held. But don’t take our word for it. You can visit our Tweed Heads denture clinic for a no obligation, free consultation to check us out for yourself.

Ease of travel for partial dentures Tweed Heads South

Not only do our patients enjoy the service and quality workmanship we are known for, but also the reasonable denture prices we offer and the relationship of trust we work to maintain with our patients. The ease of travel and close proximity of Northern Rivers Denture Clinic to Tweed Heads South is an added advantage. Whether you are travelling by private car, bus, or even mobility scooter, you will find convenient street level access to our dental clinic, ample parking, and bus stops close by.

When you go the ‘extra mile’ to consult with us, know that we’ll go the extra mile for you in terms of service and quality.

Should you use a dentist or dental prosthetist?

Dealing directly with the manufacturer of your denture has advantages, including to your hip pocket, clear communications, your health and convenience. Here are the reasons why.

Cost effective dentures

Using a dental prosthetist instead of a dentist Tweed Heads South, has the advantage of lower costs. Put simply, it means there are fewer participants in the manufacturing process who must be paid. You are working directly with the maker of your denture.

Optimal communication

Furthermore, consulting directly with your prosthetist to provide your denture needs, allows you to discuss your desires and concerns face to face with the person who makes, fits, and maintains your denture. This avoids any potential misunderstandings or misconceptions which might otherwise occur if your wishes are conveyed through another party or ‘middleman’.

Time Saving

Because our prosthetists make your denture in our high-tech, on-site Tweed Heads dental laboratory, waiting times for your work to be completed are reduced, in contrast to what occurs when you get your dentures through a dentist who sends your work to a dental laboratory. In addition, all work and materials in our laboratory are overseen by Australian regulatory bodies which isn’t always the case if your dentist sends the work to be made overseas.


When you entrust Northern Rivers Denture Clinic to make and fit your dentures, it means any necessary adjustments can be made on the spot. You can try your denture in to be sure the adjustment suits. There is no inconvenient to-ing and fro-ing between your Tweed Heads South dentist and an offsite dental laboratory.

Interest free denture payment plans

Wide denture selection

In addition to crafting a selection of full acrylic dentures, chrome cobalt dentures and a wide range of partial dentures, we can assist with immediate dentures, emergency dentures and implant retained dentures. You can also depend on Northern Rivers Denture Clinic for denture tooth additions, denture relines, rapid denture repairs and teeth whitening.

Call today on: 07 5536 4241 for your free, no obligation consultation with our prosthetist, or take advantage of our online quote facility to give you an idea of costs. The friendly team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic pride ourselves on achieving every patient’s satisfaction.

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Free 30-minute Consultation

We believe in informed decisions. That's why we offer free 30-minute consultations to all our patients, new and existing. During this no-pressure appointment, we'll discuss your denture needs and goals, provide a personalised treatment plan and clear cost estimate, with no obligation to proceed. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered.

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